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TRUMP—Truth: Review

So, I’m finally doing this too! Can you believe it? I’ve actually watched this performance 11 times, and I haven’t written a review yet… This means, I’m finally taking the time to watch it a 12th time and write down my thoughts on it. So you can see this as some kind of a Christmas present for you guys xD

·         Okay. First thing to say; I love that music they play in the beginning when they show who plays which character. <3 They       should’ve put it on the CD, though… As well as the great fighting soundtrack…
·         Oh. That old man. We still don’t know who it is, right? I’ve been told it could be Shion, but personally I believe it’s Kenki...
·         “It’s nostalgic.” – What’s nostalgic? You mean being threatened by an old man? xD
·         How does he get that idea that TRUMP has to be connected with a card game…?
·         Kiddo has been shot, but he just gets up again. That’s the reason why I like vampires. Especially if they’re as cute as him.
·         THIS OPENING <333
·         Let me clarify why I love it so much. They just look wonderful. The song itself is just beautiful. And I want to learn the dance so badly.
·         Sophie is able to see the future, huh?
·         …I just wondered who their doctor is. What does Krauss teach, anyways? We never see him telling them anything useful.
·         Still, Junjun, what are you doing? xD
·         Julian, Bruno and Matisse! \o/
·         Mata’s high voice is not that bad, but Negi’s is still the best |D and how he falls to the ground to pick up his 10,000 yen :D
·         “Is there any way you could disappear peacefully, oh high and mighty Elite-samas?” – Of course they can’t disappear “peacefully,” but isn’t it gentle of Mata to leave the 110 yen for Kiddo?
·         Gustav’s dancing lesson! (okay, I know it’s supposed to be kendo, but I mean… they dance…)
·         It’s kinda cute, too, how they always are so shocked when Gustav appears.
·         Also, one of my favourite phrases is Gustav’s “strong” which he uses in connection with just everything. Just like Michelangelo’s “elegant.”
·         “You musclebound idiot!” – “Who was it that’s challenging my muscles?!” – I kinda like this scene. I kinda like every scene, but I’m still giggling at this one although it’s really not that funny. But Negi’s “I don’t know!” just makes my day every time I hear it.
·         Isn’t it kind of disappointing that even Gustav who is a teacher discriminates Sophie? There seem to be exactly three people who don’t discriminate him… Ul, Michelangelo and Banli…
·         Michelangelo and Gustav are fighting whether to make young vamps strong or elegant \o/
·         …Did Mata just call Gustav “Kinniku Baka?” Kinda like that, though.
·         How nice of you to explain us what Mayuki is, Michelangelo~ Gustav makes a nice dog ^.^
·         “The name of the first person you loved?” – “Michelangelo!” – Okay, sadly not. But it’d be great if… xD
·         “And I just elegantly bought a new tea set! … On a loan!” – So she put them in debt for a new tea set. I want to have her problems and priorities.
·         Krauss makes his appearance!
·         …And he damages Michelangelo’s new tea set. Poor Michelangelo.
·         Another fight between Michelangelo and Gustav! And I just wondered, what does Krauss even teach?
·         Of course Allen is more important than Gustav bursting a blood vessel…
·         I’d like to go to a school like the Clan, just by the way. What Ul and Sophie tell us here sounds very interesting… I’d love being a vampire and visiting this school.
·         “It feels just like being trapped in a box with no chance of ever breaking out.” – Okay, that sounds weird now, Sophie… Don’t talk so negative about your home…
·         The stupid fact about Banli arriving at the Clan is that you actually have to imagine this door. Kenks and You-chan acted well, though.
·         IkeP!Pietro makes his appearance! As well as Pudding!Allen! \o/
·         “It’s bad for my heart!” – Pietro, are you an old, worried grandma? :D
·         The rain scene! I liked it in Reverse more, though, because Allen splashing the water into Pietro’s face is just too nice.
·         Very cute is also how Pietro always tries to defend himself and Allen when Krauss comes onto stage. Poor boy, Krauss would never put Allen into the detention cell, you know…
·         “You don’t listen to what people are telling you at all!” – Maybe he doesn’t, Krauss, but even years later, there are still like 50% of all the people who don’t listen to what they’re told. Times won’t change that easily, at least not in that point.
·         It’s the key scene! Allen raising his hands towards the stars! His thoughts about being able to touch them are pretty ridiculous, though. “I feel like I’ll make it if I jump! […] If I climb the roof, maybe I’ll reach!”
·         Gustav runs in and the first thing he does is almost killing all the students. What a nice teacher.
·         Banli’s first official appearance! He’s so cute <333
·         After Shion’s “strong” introduction, Mata looks like he’ll start to laugh so hard any second… xD And the poor blond, elegant, strong boy seems so depressed… *pats his shoulder*
·         I like Krauss as a character and Sho-chan as an actor, but I just can’t understand how someone can be this much obsessed about someone else that he names a cat after him and thinks said cat is more important than anything or anyone else.
·         “Ga Banli-kun. I’ll give you a strong warning.” – “Just a normal one, please.” – One more of these cute scenes… I can’t stop rewatching the beginning of this play because of scenes like this.
·         “The super noble, super amazing, super powerful Lord Dali […]” – I think he was the one who decided to be called like this. There aren’t any other explanations for this title.
·         The library scene! I wish I had such a nice library in my house as well… *says this although the look of the library depends on your view because actually there IS no library*
·         We’re learning something about TRUMP! \o/ Actually, I think this part is quite interesting because since watching the German musical “The Fearless Vampire Killers,” I’ve always been interested in vampires and the different stories about them. Suemitsu’s story is quite a new one, but very nice.
·         Georges and Morrow make their appearances! What were their full names again? Georges Hammonds and Morrow Garland… I’m dying because of these names |DDD
·         Just to say so, they are very mean to my poor Sophs, but I actually like these characters… And Georges fits Arai’s personality so well and I just love watching him <333
·         “He’s the worst kind of a bloodsucker who doesn’t deserve to be called a vampire!” – I kinda like this description of Angelico. I mean, he kinda is. He really kinda is.
·         It’s this strange dance scene now… Yeah, it really looks strange. Even stranger than Gustav’s lesson in the beginning.
·         Junjun is very cute, even in this costume, but he’s just too cute for the hateful Angelico.
·         I also like Sophie’s comment about the underwear company called “Elimps” because he really is right. It does sound like an underwear company.
·         When my friend watched this scene with me, she said it looked as if Angelico gave Ul a wedding ring. Also, in Reverse, when Angelico asked how many times he had said “trash,” Sophie actually told him. xD
·         I might have said earlier that I wanted to visit the Clan as a student, but I have to correct myself. If Angelico’s there, I don’t want to be there.
·         The reason why I like Georges and Morrow so much is that they think they were something like Angelico’s best friends, but in reality they don’t even know anything about him. In my opinion that’s just… adorable.
·         The cutest Morrow/Georges scene is the one when they say what they think Angelico’s dream is: “To be a sushi seller! To be a soccer player! To be a bride!” – and he tells them that he wants to eliminate all humans from earth and they are like “Ahhh… so close…”
·         Georges and Morrow run to Raphael and try to tell him that it’s not what it looks like and he just slaps them and they roll around on the floor like “what did you hit us for… ;-;”
·         “You’re covered in blood!” – He has been hit. By a fist. Now by a sword. Did Rapha break his nose or why else is he bleeding?
·         “Get out here until I’ve counted to ten. 1… 10.” And later… “They were about to find out that the only numbers I can count are 1 and 10.” – And that’s the son of the noble, super amazing, super powerful Lord Dali? O.o
·         I wonder why they haven’t kicked Angelico off the school yet. Is it only because of his father? I mean, he’s harassing the teacher and fighting his classmates and so on… If someone did this at my school, he’d be kicked out for sure.
·         I liked this scene in Reverse more. It’s so cute how Krauss says Banli’s name wrong there. They should have done it in Truth too… but the performances wouldn’t be that individual if they had, so I understand why they played some scenes differently.
·         Why are they singing so wrong there… ;___; it’s ruining their beautiful voices…
·         Pyon’s backflip <333
·         They really dance well in the dancing hall! Very nice!
·         It’s also very adorable how Banli explains to Sophie that someone who always is by your side is a friend, not “someone who just follows you around.”
·         The thing I don’t understand is why they still can smell Allen’s blood in Sophie’s. I mean, of course he’s Allen and Maribelle’s descendant, but there are laying like 4 generations or something between them…
·         Okay, Ul’s screams sound as if Rapha and Dali were going to rape him. They’re your dad and brother, poor child, they’re not going to hurt you ;-;
·         “Also, if possible, please scream ‘Kyaa, Dali-chan!’ in a strong, high-pitched voice, please and thank you.” – I’m just wondering how a strong voice can be high-pitched? Or how a high-pitched voice can be strong?
·         I literally died laughing at Dali’s entrance. His throne is just the best. xDDD It must have been really embarrassing for the poor boys, though… Tsuru-senpai plays him very good, too.
·         Oh no! His throne ran away! /o\
·         “Where did you buy it?” – “I picked it up.” – “…I’m ashamed to be your father.” – What a nice relationship between father and son. Also how Dali considers Sophie as garbage and probably means the same about Ul since he’s also a dhampir.
·         The seaside scene is very good, though. Tsuru is a great actor, I especially realized it at this scene.
·         Dali, the magician who can foresee the future. “In 25 minutes from now, your precious friend will get into a dangerous situation.” And, when I watched out for it when I watched it the 5th or 6th time, I realized that it’s really 25 minutes later.
·         Allen isn’t that stupid, but he’s really persistent and careless and I guess if we had someone like him in my class, my teachers would hate him after the first week.
·         I love that scene where Krauss and Allen are dancing together in the forest!  \o/
·         “I’m living in the present.” – Everyone should have this point of view… I think we would enjoy life much more, then.
·         A nice Rapha vs. Angelico fighting scene. And only seconds later, Gustav comes to kill everyone again.
·         “I will protect you.” – And that’s why you bite him, Ul? Of course. How logical.
·         Does Krauss even know that he is TRUMP? I mean, of course he knows that he is the very first vampire and that he is immortal and so on, but does he know about the Blood Parliament’s plans?
·         Oh. Oh. The great fighting scene, which I love so much I could keep rewatching it for hours, is about to come!!! \o/
·         Angelico has an interesting definition of “friends,” by the way. I mean, he bites everyone and says they’re his friends…
·         I’m enjoying this epic soundtrack very much. As I said, I could watch it for hours. <333
·         But I don’t like its end. I don’t like the fact that Ul is suddenly kneeling in front of Sophie and tells him he is a dhampir. And I want to punch Angelico for laughing at them… Thanks that you did this for me, Rapha.
·         Okay, I don’t understand this scene. Is the minute in which Krauss goes crazy in his flashback? Because Pietro comes in then… but when Pietro comes in, he is completely calm which means him going crazy was probably the “now…” I don’t understand it >___<
·         It’s stupid that someone as important as Maribelle only gets, like, 10 seconds of screentime. I mean, isn’t she important as the one who is responsible for everything? I realized that it’s not everything Allen’s fault… This is what everyone would think, but in reality, it’s Maribelle’s fault for having all the properties Allen likes, for “making” him fall in love with her? If she hadn’t been there, Allen wouldn’t have sneaked out of the Clan and nothing of this would’ve happened.
·         “What a strongly useless guy.” – I still laugh so hard at this phrase. Just at this one phrase. Because it fits so well with the situation and I just love it. xDDD
·         “I’m not TRUMP.” – “I know. You’re just a dhampir.” – How nice you are again, Banli… But I can’t dislike him, though.
·         Dali is exactly the kind of father I would never like to have. I like his clothes and he’s funny to watch as a character, but I don’t like his character and I’m glad he’s not my father.
·         Further, it confuses me why everyone is so mean to Ul. This poor cinnamon roll just wants to live ;-;
·         Allen in the detention cell! This scene is so great, I love it how he and Krauss argue about whether he’s allowed to go out or not.
·         No, I don’t like the humans in this play. They don’t even have a reason to do their stupid vampire hunt.
·         The Clan Fest scenes are pretty nice, too…
·         “Sophie, you are me… and I am you.” – So, this is confusing me. Didn’t he talk about being an independent person before? About someone who is what he wants himself and not what others want him to be? Why is he saying this now?
·         The stupid thing about this is that Pietro runs to Krauss first. Krauss isn’t even the headmaster or something…
·         These so-called Elite Vampires all have this stupid and strange laugh…
·         “The wall’s been broken!” – “Allen’s not here.” – “Where the heck did he go?” – So, you geniuses, you should put two and two together, then you won’t even have to look for him.
·         Even during the Clan Fest, Ul still only thinks about TRUMP… and Krauss seems to think he’s in the same situation like 100 years or whatever ago… he runs around calling for Allen (okay, he always does that) but it seems more extreme this time.
·         Georges’ Hyaku renpatsu! \o/ He’s just so adorable <333
·         But then… Morrow just stabs Rapha from behind… that’s so mean of him! >____<
·         I also like the BGM of the match between Rapha and Sophie. It should also be on the OST CD.
·         No. No. NO. You’re not biting my poor Sophs right now, are you, Rapha??? ;____;
·         And now nobody realizes that it’s Krauss who always is there when someone is being controlled or burned to ashes. That’s so stupid. And Gustav, Michelangelo, Dali and Banli who know everything aren’t going to stop him… Also very illogical.
·         After all the “Allen!” screaming, Sho’s voice must have been pretty hoarse the week after the performances…
·         Okay, the only reason why I’m not crying right now is that I’ve had to stop so many times during watching this for the 12th time in order to write this review. If I had seen it in a whole piece without taking a break of it, I’d be an emotional mess by now.
·         “Krauss, you’ve always, always been lonely, haven’t you?” – This is so sad, I’m sobbing inwardly ;-;
·         Banli tells Krauss about what happened back then as if Krauss didn’t know it… but he can’t have forgotten it, right? He can’t have forgotten the death of the one person he adored the most…
·         I guess Banli is also somehow related to Pietro, like he is his great-grandchild or something… in a similar way to how Sophie is related to Allen. Or, because I don’t think Pietro had a girlfriend, maybe Banli is also related to Pietro’s brother or sister (who we don’t even know about if they exist)…
·         Who did rebuild the Clan anyways? And where did the idea come from to let Krauss work as a teacher again?
·         Sophie looks like he just wants to die. I mean, he really wants to  because he thinks it’s better than eternal life, but he looks like he wants to stab himself when Krauss talks more like this.
·         Angelico is really going a bit crazy over Krauss being TRUMP… this stupid boy…
·         I feel with you, Banli ;-; He really looks so sad and desperate right now… *wants to hug and comfort him*
·         “Ul… Your blood doesn’t have a good scent.” – This reminds me of… how did Asuka say it? “You don’t smell good, so you can’t be my friend?”
·         You can’t force someone to wish for something, you know, Krauss…?
·         “Eternity can go screw itself.” – I completely agree with that. Sophie, you’re a wise boy.
·         I really love this theme which is always played when Krauss or Sophie bite someone. It sounds really impressing and great.
·         “Allen… I reached all the way to the stars…” – So Krauss’ definition of “stars” is “Sophie,” or to clarify it, “Allen?”
·         Apparently, Shion learned breathing in a way you don’t see it when he lays there on stage as a dead Banli. Because he has to endure like five minutes in this state.
·         As for one of the saddest parts of the performance now… Ul and Sophs talking before Ul’s death… ;-; WHY CAN’T SOPHIE JUST SAVE HIM??? Why did Krauss just run away and didn’t come back when his dearest and adored Sophie called for him??? ;____;
·         “Sophie, you’re so kind. I’m jealous of you. […] But if I could reborn… I’d want to be you.” – Where did I read this again? About this phrase being the reason why Micchan played Ul in Truth and Sophie in Reverse, as if to show that Ul was reborn as Sophie? Like all the other characters… Michelangelo being reincarnated as Gustav and the other way around and so on…
·         Ah, now I recognize this melody. It’s the slowed-down main theme, right?
·         “Even if this world comes to an end, his life won’t.” – Yours won’t either, Sophs. Anyways, where is Krauss gonna live if the world has found its end? Will he emigrate to the moon?
·         “If I can’t get him to wish for my death, my life will never end.” – It won’t end even if you find him, Sophie, because he won’t wish for your death, no matter which ways of asking you try.
·         “Until the day I reach death with these hands.” – People seem to have goals of reaching different things with their hands…
·         “In exchange, will you pray for me?” – I’ll always pray for you, Sophs… ;n;
·         Krauss appears again, for a last time! With the epic BGM theme and he stretches out his hand for Sophie… as if to say “Come here… I’ll fulfill your wishes…” and Sophie follows him…
·         Sho!Krauss without glasses looks pretty epic, by the way.
·         And as a last point for this… I love this ending. It’s about as epic as the opening and I just LOVE it. <333
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