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Warera Jeanne ~Shoujo Seisen Kageki~ Review

I read in the Hello!Project wikia that this play is also written by Suemitsu Kenichi, and so I thought, ‘Okay, let’s do this to myself and watch this play which is probably just as heartbreaking and sad and great at the same time as Lilium and TRUMP, which are also written by this mean and wonderful person.’ And now I’m writing this review… enjoy reading it!

·         Apparently Suemitsu displays his bonds to god and religion and history with this play even more than he did with Lilium since as far as I know, Jeanne d’Arc really existed, or at least, the legend about her really exists. That’s nice to know and it shows that Suemitsu is interested in European history… I just wish we’d have talked about her in history lessons, but sadly we didn’t. </3
·         Nooo don’t kill Jeanne ;_;  she’s not a witch… ;_;
·         But this song they sing altogether is pretty nice!
·         I’m on your side, Jeanne! You’re much more reasonable than those guys!
·         This pooooor girl ;_;
·         This Warera Jeanne song is also really good!
·         There’s Daikumai! \o/ (lol this nickname fits her really good)
·         Yes, keep believing in your dream, Belle Anglade!
·         I want to have a big sister like Olga. She’s so nice and protective and I’m sure she’s a wonderful best friend as well.
·         Oh, Jiji and Olga are cousins? I didn’t realize this the first time when I watched this!
·         Yurinaaaa—omg she’s really the tallest Japanese woman I’ve ever seen. But she’s beautiful and she has a very nice voice.
·         “The town of Dead People” is a stupid nickname for Metz. Someone besides Olga should recognize this and grab their own fate so they can change it.
·         Violet tries to promote her Jeanne d’Arc fan club |D
·         Maybe she is more or less right after all… I mean, Jiji kind of is Jeanne…
·         This guy who just stepped in is Pierre, right? He’s got a good voice and his little solo sounds very good.
·         “You are Jeanne d’Arc.” First of all, she is Jiji… and nobody else. Maybe she looks like Jeanne, but there’s nothing more than that…
·         “Death has come.” Death is inevitable, you know… it’ll always come, no matter what you do. And this so-called ‘God of Death’ Fleetwood is nothing more than a mere human—he won’t even bring himself to kill Jiji.
·         …This God of Death’s servants are called Harold and Rupert? O.o
·         Honestly, in my opinion all the scenes that contain appearances of Daikumai (and especially her singing) are the best ones.
·         Someone please give me this soundtrack… ;_; I need it so badly…
·         Anemone is a cute character, too. So careless and beautiful.
·         And Jiji really is similar to Jeanne. She also seems to be pretty loyal to God and her church and the priest and so on.
·         Wow. Jacques isn’t even able to follow Jiji properly. What a good man.
·         Ohhh this Jiji/Jeanne duet was nice~~~
·         Wait, wasn’t Jacques this big guy with the hat? Apparently this guy is Pierre, huh…
·         Fleetwood again. We all love him so much. Not.
·         The song about how Jiji has to become Jeanne is nice, too.
·         What the hell are you doing there Violet |D
·         But how are Jiji’s dead parents gonna help her in this situation?
·         It seems like I’m talking a lot about these beautiful songs, but that’s only because they really are beautiful! ^-^
·         Jeanne and Jiji’s voices sound so nice together~
·         This wonderful song about the stars in the sky <333 I love it so much~
·         I really like Daikumai’s voice in it too
·         Fleetwood is afraid of Jeanne? I didn’t know this!
·         Such a beautiful ensemble song!
·         Olga is probably my favorite character <3
·         But why does Violet want to become Jeanne so badly? XD
·         Jiji became Jeanne! And they’ll fight back Fleetwood! \o/
·         Those two girls who are always with the priest are funny :D
·         Apparently Olga is something like the second or third most important character in the play, huh? She’s really cool so she deserves it lol
·         This girl is a pretty good liar. I don’t remember her name, but I remember that she is Fleetwood’s daughter.
·         Ah! Her name is Marion!
·         Jeanne really wasn’t one of the d’Arc siblings? That really surprises me. But it also explains why Pierre loves/loved her and why he loves Jiji now.
·         I wonder if Jeanne loved Pierre too. And I wonder even more if Jiji loves him now. I mean, she barely knows him, even after half a year.
·         Well, apparently she does. She sings “I love you” after all.
·         GO AND DIE, MARION.
·         Jiji vs Marion, a Cold War. And I still dislike Marion.
·         “Stop torturing my father!” Then how about you make him stop torturing France?
·         This beautiful song “The Maiden” again… aww those feels <333
·         And it’s so touching how they all stand in for Jiji! So wonderful bonds!
·         The song about the Holy War is nice, too! In general, this one has a very beautiful soundtrack! (but okay, I guess the man who wrote its songs is the same man who wrote Lilium’s soundtracks, so they have to be as awesome as the play itself. Although Warera Jeanne isn’t completely as sad and destroying as Lilium, because the story is more “natural” and “logical”)
·         It’s so touching again how they all sing together and kind of convince Fleetwood that they are the ones who are right… ;A; kind of sad and touching, but as I said, not as intensive as Lilium…
·         Fleetwood… maybe you’re not completely bad at all. Maybe you’re just an old man who was too stupid to tell people about his own opinion.
·         It’s a good thing that the English troops are retreating now. And that everyone is still alive.
·         This end is so cute! And how Belle says that she has already decided on a title for her novel with the girls of Metz as main characters… “Warera Jeanne!”
·         …it’s over now. And it was really beautiful. <3
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