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Lilium Shoujo Junketsu Kageki—Review

Guess who finally has decided to do this also for Lilium? Right—me! Please enjoy reading this~ ^-^

·         It starts with (at least, I guess) Sylvatica telling us some facts about the vamps. And then they sing Forget Me Not \o/
·         And the first part of the actual plot is Lily running around and looking for Sylvatica, and then those two teacher girls (what were their names again??) come and laugh at her.
·         Oh right! The teachers are Silane and Lindou! And they definitely remind me of Gustav and Michelangelo. At least Silane with her whip is pretty similar to Gustav, isn’t she?
·         “Why is it always raining in this forest?” Because poor Sophs never stops crying (because of his best friend’s death), and raindrops are like tears, so…
·         Eli Eli Lema Sabachthani! \o/ I love this song! And I noticed that its structure is completely the same as Trump’s Hoshi no Wadachi. I mean it’s like they used very similar positions and everything for the parts where only two of them are on stage… but okay it’s Suemitsu’s play and so he probably wanted it to be similar so people could notice the similarities.
·         “The word Clan stands for family and blood ties.” That’s what they are trying to tell us, but considering what happened in exactly this castle about 3000 years or something ago, if you look at Ul’s life, where can we see “family” and “blood ties?” The same goes for Sophs (although they probably mean his “blood ties” with Allen here since he is Allen’s descendant) and most of the other guys. Their only “ties” are the bonds of friendship… and it’s got nothing to do with family and blood ties, am I right?
·         Cherry is so cute! I like her little fights with Camellia, too. And this just reminded me of how I’m even after watching this twice still not able to remember everyone’s names.
·         Cherry punches him! Oh, they are so adorable. <3
·         This Nasturtium girl (or whatever her name is) is pretty cool in my opinion. I don’t know why; I just like her. And I feel sorry for her because she kinda is the only reasonable person in the Clan.
·         “I feel like Sylvatica is around somewhere.”—“Sylvatica doesn’t exist! That’s just a random girl in the background!” But she’s played by Sylvatica’s actress and she wears the same dress, so… you could mistake them for each other.
·         False is exactly the right name for Sophs in this. He has a “false” name, a “false” identity, and he gives “false” medicine to the girls and the one and only boy…
·         Snow actually is a pretty wise girl, and she knows a lot for someone who should’ve forgotten everything.
·         And here we have the whole “I will protect you/make you happy” (“…and that’s why I’m biting you now”) thing again. Just like in Trump.
·         Lily and False are fighting! o.O
·         I don’t want to say that I really like Marguerite, but I like her guard. Mimosa is pretty cute and their song is funny ^-^
·         What a good princess she is. She can’t even remember her friends’…—her guards’ names.
·         It’s cute how Lindou hugs Silane and promises her that she won’t let anyone destroy “this Clan and our eternal Chrysalis.”
·         Doesn’t Lily feel stupid, running around and always calling for a girl that is already dead?
·         Oh, Sylvatica tells the story of the gardener and his flowers!
·         It’s somehow like they’re telling Sophie’s story. I mean, if you say Sophie is the gardener and the girls are his flowers…
·         “I’ll definitely find you!” What are you going to find, her corpse? o.O
·         Hitoribocchi no Snow! \o/ But you know, girls… she has her reasons to stay alone…
·         Oh! This girl isn’t Nasturtium! She’s Rose! Good thing the other girl said her name after their sumo match.
·         I totally don’t understand Marigold. Does anyone want to explain her to me?
·         That’s the same BGM like they used in TRUMP! \o/ Or at least mostly similar to it.
·         Could it be that Lilium actually tells much more about the legend of Trump that TRUMP itself?
·         Omg I love True Of Vamp!!! <333
·         “I’m good, aren’t I? I used to take lessons in the past.” JUST WHO TAUGHT YOU, SOPHIE O.Ô
·         After becoming immortal involuntarily, Sophie became a little obsessed with the whole “eternal friends” thing, didn’t he?
·         “This Clan exists for all of you.” I’m pretty sure he only rebuilt it so he can have some false eternal friends until he finds Krauss to wish for his death.
·         Please, someone explain Marigold to me… ;A;
·         “If ghosts exist, doesn’t that mean that there’s a continuation after death?” Not for you because you won’t die as long as Sophs is with you…
·         So most of them are getting parts of their memories back by now, right?
·         Marigold really is worse than Ul. I like her song, but it’s really… stupid… how obsessed she is with Lily.
·         She even bit Marguerite and her guard only because of this! And now she wants to kill Snow! D|
·         Oh, this chapter even is called “prelude to collapse.” That’s a pretty matching name.
·         Himitsu no Hana ga Hokorobu! I love this song!
·         Whoa! Silane shocked me with her shot!!
·         Your master isn’t Trump, Lindou… Your master is our poor Sophs who isn’t even able to make people immortal…
·         Sophs saved Snow!
·         And Sousou Shuukyoku Stigma has just the same level of greatness as Himitsu no Hana!
·         Lily uses Sophie’s Initiative… and Camellia finally remembers  what he wants in the girls’ dorm…
·         Sylvatica and Camellia’s duet is so beautiful!
·         So both of them Lily and Snow can use Sophie’s Initiative, right?
·         Even after she saw that Sophie is still alive after she killed him, Marigold still doesn’t believe in Trump? This girl isn’t only illogical but also stupid.
·         Why did Sophs his medicine name “Ul???” Ul wasn’t able to become immortal, so this has nothing to do with him…
·         Sophie tells them he doesn’t want mere puppets, but what more are girls without any memories who have lived for several hundreds of years because of him without being able to escape?
·         Sylvatica had the same attitude as Sophie did in the end of TRUMP… so why did Sophs change his mind? ;_;
·         Cherry and Camellia forgot about Lily… NOOO ;_;
·         I know that Sophie is lonely and desperate, but dragging poor girls who don’t know about this into his loneliness… this is just wrong, at least in my opinion!
·         Snoooowww ;____;
·         Marigold thinks there’s nobody left to make Lily sad… but Sophie is still there, and Lily being sad is his fault, so…
·         Now he killed Marigold as well… and all his creations will die in the end… he’s so pitiful, can’t he just go on searching Krauss?!
·         Trump’s theme song! And just like in TRUMP, it’s used when everyone dies! It’s such a sad but at the same time kind of… good…???... scenery.
·         Lily committed suicide as well! And different from TRUMP, in this one, Sophie is the only one surviving.
·         I feel so sorry for Sophie… and at the same time, I hate him for dragging the girls into his suffering. I liked him more in TRUMP.
·         Those two last songs, Eien no Mayuki no Owari and Shoujo Junketsu, are so beautiful… and sad… ;___;
·         It’s so mean that Lily is the only one who can’t die like the others! I mean, she isn’t as “perfectly immortal” as Krauss and Sophs, who are the only really immortal vampires, but she can’t die either…
·         Doesn’t it hurt to stab herself so many times one right after another? Even if she’s immortal now, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t feel pain, does it?
·         Shoujo Junketsu! \o/
·         This actress who plays Mimosa maybe doesn’t have the strongest voice, but she can dance really well and passionately. I wonder what her name is?
·         It’s over… the sadness is finished… and this review is waaay too short; sorry for that! v.v
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