Tenimyu 2nd Season: Seigaku vs Rikkai ~ Nationals — Review

So, I’m just coming from watching the last episode of Goseiger right now so I might be a bit crying and all, but let’s get started with this. Enjoy!

v This even has an epic beginning. The thing I love the most about this performance is that everything about it is so epic.
v Cheeky Echizen is really something nice. He always makes me smile when he starts mocking everyone.
v Yuuki *-* (I’m sorry, here might come a lot of comments about Yuuki’s beauty and his voice and his way of acting… I’m pretty Yuuki-biased right now. ^^”)
v NANJIRO what the hell is this “try hitting my butt” thing??? DX
v The huge theme for this show is Tennimuhou, it seems. (Not that I’d know how to write it correctly…) But the songs about it are nice!
v I have to admit, though, that I find the beginning where they are in Karuizawa a little boring although I really like Arata na Sekai he.
v I wonder how the two of them can sleep out there in the woods…
v Ah, the tree! /o\
v What caused Ryoma to fall, though? I think in the manga it was the tree, but in the musical it doesn’t look so obvious…
v What also confuses me is why they show a part of what his parents talked about when he was still an embryo.
v Taka-san! What’s wrong with all the guys sneaking out of their hospitals here? Inui does it as well and Akaya looks as if he isn’t fully healed from whatever he has done before as well.
v …Fuji cheated at this pulling spikes out of his cactus thingie. And Kaidou talks to his bandana. Well.
v “Blood smeared history”—yeah. When you guys play tennis, it usually ends up with at least one player getting hurt really badly… I wonder a) what they tell the doctors and b) if there will anyone die later one from just playing tennis. Doesn’t sound too odd considering Yukimura’s tennis. And Kin-chan’s Super Great Delicious Daisharin Yama Arashi whatever thing.
v Shitenhouji~~~ I remember having huge difficulties learning their name when I read the manga, btw. I always read something like “Shinten-whatever.” But now, it’s like one of the most normal words to me. XD
v Just thinking. Does Seigaku have two substitute players here?—Ah, I remember… Inui is a Regular again. So… one non-Regular and one substitute. Makes more sense now. And it explains why Momo is allowed to run off before the match that easily.
v The only thing Momo worries about is the fact why Atobe as a middle schooler has a helicopter and how he’s able to fly it? Instead of being happy that someone can get him to Karuizawa fast.
v Why is Atobe helping him anyways, and who told him that Momo needs to get to Karuizawa?—Oh, I forgot that he’s Atobe and he has spies everywhere. -.-”
v Tezuka Zone \o/ I like this scene! Well, actually the scene a few minutes later, after all the Fuurinkazan stuff, but also the beginning of it.
v Horio has this strange attitude when he plays Echizen… like, appearing to be completely self-confident, and when it comes to finishing his phrases, becoming totally precarious. Uh. I definitely can’t say I like it.
v Agh, I feel so sorry for Tezuka now. Even although I know that Tawada isn’t really hurt, he plays it so realistic that it looks sooo painful!
v Gin must be really hard to play. He always talks so slow, it must require a lot of concentration to keep that voice during a whole performance!
v My first favorite scene is about to come! Tezuka Phantom!
v “You can’t do this, Tezuka-kun!”—No matter how passionate you sing Sacrifice, he’s not going to stop… Kura… Kin-chan… and everyone else… he risks his life in playing tennis… ;_; (which also seems to be a questionable attitude to me. I mean, I’m only waiting for one person to die there, but why do they all have this “I’ll win this game, even if I die” attitude?)
v Tezuka Phantom 2014 is the most beautiful song they’ve ever sung about Zone or Phantom. However… it’s way too short >___< At least there’s not too much to get into my head when I play it on the piano later!
v Yudan Sezu ni Ikou is a good resolve. Maybe I should make it mine too.
v I don’t think Sanada is playing completely fair in this match, but at least, he’s repaying them by helping Echizen remember everything later, which I think is pretty fair. He could’ve left an advance for Yukimura by not coming to help Echizen, after all, right?
v Ah, Amnesia!Echizen! I love him when he’s not like this because he’s so nice and adorable then. And the way he always apologizes and says, “I was just brought along!” is so cute! I mean, bratty/cheeky!Echizen is nice as well, but Amnesia!Echizen… is just another level of cuteness. <3
v Again, I missed the moment when Tatsun puts the red color on his cheek. I’m a master at not seeing such small movements when I want to see them…
v “Koharu Pretty Jump” is also probably one of the worst things in this play.
v Doesn’t it kinda hurt when all these actors throw themselves to the ground so often? Especially Inagaki, but also everyone else who falls down from where ever. For example Koharu’s actor (I don’t remember his name ^^”) and Yuuki. And Mario, I think.
v Also, Tatsun’s English “Don’t mind” sounds terrible. |D Nothing against him; he’s a really good actor and I like the way he moves and sings, but this English… he should practise XD It took me watching the scene 5 times to understand that it’s supposed to be English!
v Magyaku na Futari is one of my favorite duets, anyways. Especially the Dream Live 2014 version.
v I’m still very confused by this “Gyro Spin” because there is this Greek food which is called “Gyros” here in Germany… and even one year in the Tenipuri/Tenimyu fandom hasn’t helped me with that yet.
v Echizen’s scared of Akaya! *-*
v Inagaki plays all the falling so realistic! He’s really good at it. And this is the scene in which I first realized how long his legs really are.
v His voice is like 3 tones too high… and he sounds like he’s almost dying… but I think Inui is supposed to appear “almost-dying” here. So it’s fine and I can overlook the fact that it doesn’t sound as good as before at all.
v “Time for a comeback!” Inui says and falls over. And Kaidou falls into despair. At least this shows how much he values Inui… in this “best friend” way… *cries with Kaidou* ;_;
v Ah, the funniest scene! “Shitenhouji and the little, innocent word ‘what’” could be a good title for it.
v “Chitose!”—“What?”—“Don’t ‘what?’ me!” and “If you buy this from me, I’ll use Saiki to read your fortune in love!” Awww, Chitose~~~ <3 that’s what I love him for xD
v In exactly the same way I love how Koharu comes in and screams “What?!” at Shiraishi and a short time after him, Yuuji comes in and screams in exactly the same voice.
v The best one is still Zaizen in my opinion, though… “I’m just in the mood to sell some stuff… If you buy this from me, I’ll give you some kind of a random nickname.”
v …Ah, I forgot about Shiraishi’s “You’re banned from saying ‘what?’ like that!” which is about as good as Zaizen’s random nickname thing xD And how Kin-chan totally doesn’t do the “What?” thing and just ignores Shiraishi’s question about that!
v The second best part after all this is how Shiraishi completely isn’t in sync with his team.
v I want cheerleader!Chitose and cheerleader!Zaizen cheering for me too ;_;
v Zaizen did a backflip! Nice! o.O
v And. I could fall asleep from just listening to Gin. Must be nice to have him read a bedtime story for me…
v How did they actually manage to put this… complete head bandage thing… on Inagaki’s head in a way that his voice can still reach his mic? In each performance, there’s something new surprising me.
v Also, Kaidou is very cute, admitting that “these bandages are scary.”
v Whee, Niou vs Fuji now~ (which reminds me, there has a fem!Niou story been forming in my head. Would anyone read that?)
v So Niou!Tezuka can use the Zero Shiki Drop Shot, but not the Zero Shiki Serve?
v I love the way Yata sings Closed Eye here. It sounds way better than in Dream Live 2014! Because I love Closed Eye and I was really disappointed by how he sang it in Dream Live 2014, so I’m happy he could sing it nicely at least once before!
v “Tezuka Kunimitsu is surprisingly useless.”—I mean, it’s mean and mocking and all, but I kinda like how Niou expresses himself here lol
v Shitenhouji’s favorite word in this seems to be “what?” and for some reason, they always say it in exactly the way Shiraishi has banned them from saying.
v It confuses me that Niou is running around in the background behind Shiraishi during the match. It’s probably just to remind people that this is supposed to be his Illusion, but…
v Ahhh! Like Taito, Yata has a glowing racket! I love these!
v “What? Shiraishi is surprisingly useless too, huh?”—How mean Kin-chan is to his captain! XD
v These bonds~~~ <333 I love them so much! Both Golden Pair and Momo with his way of making Echizen remember!
v Echizen curled up on the ground… so cute! Although Momo’s methods might be a bit harsh… but they just show how much Echizen’s memories and their bonds mean to him~
v I never expected Mashu to play this scene so well, by the way. I almost expected nothing less from Yuuki, but Mashu is surpassing my expectations.
v Ichinen Trio talking as if they knew everything better than Momo. Well.
v I’d like to have seen Toru in this scene too, but it can’t be helped… and as I said, Mashu is really good, so it’s okay.
v I admire Yuuki for being able to do this Split Step so well. I’d get a knot into my legs.
v He also has a wonderful cute smile each time he remembers something new! <3
v SYNCHRO <3 Golden Pair forever~~~ (NO not “the last Golden Pair” ;___; it always makes me almost cry…)
v Sanada is being fair as if to make up for all the mean things he did in his match against Tezuka.
v This ending of act 1 is so epic. With all the Rivals standing there, prepared to play…
v Matchpoint ~ Boku wa Dare? is one of my favorite songs~ I always imagine it to be so hard to be the only one singing your melody while eight people together sing a completely different melody! Another thing why I admire Yuuki!
v Yukimura’s being fair too… or is it just because he really wants to play (and defeat) Echizen?
v Inui and Momo and Horio playing out each other about data on Hiyoshi XD
v It’s also nice how Echizen suggests Tanishi to do a diet. I completely agree, Yuuki.
v At first he sings about having found two weaknesses in Shinji’s Spot, but then he just lists one of them. Tenimyu’s logic again.
v It’s been so long since I’ve read the manga that I’ve completely forgotten what Akutsu can do. I mean, he’s tall and brutal, but I’m sure he has a special technique too, right? What was it again? XD
v I just remembered that the German manga made me think Gekokujou was the name of Hiyoshi’s techniques. And I only learned that it’s just his favorite word thanks to some scanlations or even Tenimyu…
v Even Amnesia!Echizen can be bratty! I like this!
v It’s so epic, it must have been so wonderful to see this live.
v Yuuki’s English is… okay. Except for his pronunciation of “whatever.”
v I love the Rivals’ little ensemble song too! It should be longer, just like Tezuka Phantom…
v …and Echizen actually returns Rai. How can he even do that, seeing it for the first time?
v Oh! Tennis ga Ore no Subete! It’s actually one of my four most favorite songs in this because… it’s just… catching me with its lyrics and melody. And Atobe’s laugh is kinda beautiful.
v I just thought… if Echizen isn’t complete until he has played all of his rivals, why hasn’t Kin-chan gone to play him earlier? Of course he had to buy time for them in the end, but he could’ve gone with them earlier, right?
v Yukimura, don’t be so mean to my cutie! >_< Although he’s probably just being his usual sadistic self. Hm.
v “He’s smiling!”—Of course he is. He’s Echizen, he smiles every single time he can be cheeky.
v Hiyoshi being like “This is truly Gekokujou!” and I’m just having this smirk on my face which won’t go away now.
v Kin-chan’s almost crying… poor boy =(
v I just wondered how this is supposed to work… how can someone take away someone else’s senses by just playing tennis? I know it doesn’t work in reality, but they kinda explained every other shot in Tenipuri, so how do they explain Yukimura’s tennis?
v Why is Kin-chan running on the court in front of Echizen?
v Yuuki plays this desperate!Echizen scene sooo well~~~ and his “Yeah!” in the end of Boku wa Dare? II is so strong and convinced and… exactly what I love about him.
v He’s being bratty again! But he’s displaying his fun so well… and it looks like Yuuki has really fun playing this scene!
v Wow. Even Atobe is finally admitting that Echizen has potential.
v I love this scene so much. Yuuki’s hair is so great to watch here (XD) and his bright smile and his voice and his dancing and his whole attitude are like Echizen and at the same time not like Echizen at all… and it’s perfect. <3
v And Yukimura’s expression just says “What. The. Hell.” Well… sorry, but I like Echizen way more than I like Yukimura here.
v Nanjiro is so wise, suddenly…
v This was so… impressive. It already was in the manga, but here… they express exactly the right feelings… and it’s better than the manga. It’s probably also better than the anime (which I haven’t seen yet) and I CAN’T EVEN STOP THINKING ABOUT IT
v Why didn’t Inui tape Tezuka’s smile here? X’D
v Awww Yukimura (was that Kaminaga here? I think so) is crying!
v And so is at least half of Seigaku.
v I have to correct myself. The whole Seigaku is crying. And I am, too.
v And didn’t it say “Toss your hands up?” So why are they throwing Taka-san up? XD
v For some reason Katsuo seems to be the best at those exercises… they look like fun if you can do them with your friends. Probably Nanjiro is right and probably it’s transferrable to everything… Like, everything’s about fun…
v Graduation. And I’m crying even more. I love this song so much but I hate the fact that they separate and that we don’t have a clue about what happens to them after it… except for the U17 Camp which is probably after their graduation… at least we have fics about that…
v Inui leaving his notebook with Kachiro… ;____;
v The worst thing for me is probably to see Kikumario and Ikkei cry… ;___;
v Momo coming in like “Don’t cry! I’m the one who wants to cry here!” Such a cute vice captain! And his “Be intoxicated by my hai- no, I can’t say it!”
v I guess the scene with the Ichinen Trio (who are now 2nd years, I guess) is supposed to stop the audience from crying...?
v The other captains! Wait, the fact that Zaizen and Kin-chan are there together… does it mean that Kin-chan became the vice captain? Nooo Shitenhouji is gonna die XDDD (right after Zaizen who probably will die first lol) but it could be worse. If Kin-chan became captain the next year, for example.
v Also I wonder if Shinji became Fudoumine’s vice captain? Or did he become their captain? Because I’d have expected Kamio to be the new captain, after he was already vice captain before…
v Seems like Zaizen has decided for being a little softer with Kin-chan now. Since he doesn’t complain about how annoying Kin-chan is anymore.
v And poor Shinji is being ignored. That’s the problem if you can’t speak up loudly, I guess… and I have experience with that. I’m basically like Shinji and Zaizen at the same time, at least regarding my position in my class and which positions they probably have.
v I’m almost screaming together with the audience at Shinji’s “Ikouze. Zenkoku.” and Kaidou and Momo’s “Yeah!”
v So there is the plane and there is Echizen which indicates that he’s in America now? But how can Tezuka be there later… So I think he’s at the airport in Japan.
v Ano Hi no Maboroshi is so damn beautiful. I know I’m talking a lot about this song recently but I’ve got good reasons, as you probably know when you heard/watched it, and it really makes one (or at least me) appreciate the small things I can do with my friends and so on… I could write an essay about what Tenimyu songs have taught me now, but I won’t. If you want to know it (which I doubt), just tell me~
v I think the songs chosen for the Final Medley also are pretty good. They pretty much sum up the story of the whole play, I think.
v The curtain call is nice too! How everyone stays in character while bowing. Also, Chiquita Pair. And don’t ask me why they’re called this.
v Switching to part 2 now… and starting with one of the most beautiful teaching songs… Egao Miseyou \o/
v Everyone’s crying again and I am too and it’s just so touching and beautiful!!!
v Yagyuu apparently has some problems. I mean, why is he so excited about everyone becoming turned into a wax doll that he even tries to use a Wax Doll Beam?
v Awww and everyone’s thanking everyone else for the support and I can feel their bonds AND I suddenly also want to belong to such a great group of people because they’d certainly be better friends than everyone at my school except for one person <3
v So… I have to admit that I’m now skipping through this 20 mins talk sequence because I’m just not patient enough to watch it a third time… It’s basically “just” everyone saying thanks anyways, so, Seigaku (Yuuki, to clarify it) has a lot of time thanking everyone and talking about how they changed during the 2nd season… it’s pretty cute, yeah, but I won’t say anything more about it…
v Instead, I’ll sum up my opinion about this play: I think it’s very touching and cute, and it shows the deep bonds and friendships between the characters… and also how much fun the actors have in it. At least that’s what I see in it, and even if it was altogether 4 hours long, I don’t regret having watched it trice because the songs are great and the story is very nice too, and, of course, (I know I’m repeating it) their bonds. That’s the main reason why I keep rewatching it.

I hope you could enjoy reading this at least a little! Did you watch it as well? What are your thoughts about it? ^-^
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Karasu Fic: Something to remember them

Word Count:(sadly I don't know because my laptop doesn't work and I wrote this on my mobile)
Author's note:It's taken me a long time, but I finally finished this fic! Enjoy reading it! ^-^
Summary:Torakichi is unusually quiet and calm, and Ryuu wants to know why.

"Yo, Ryuu."
I turn around in surprise. "What's up,Torakichi?"
"Let me see your wrist. You took a pretty bad hit there, right?" He sits down next to me a little awkwardly.
Hesitating, I stretch out my wrist to him so he can look at it. Now that I come to think about it... he's been surprisingly calm and reassuring the past few days; unusually calm, to clarify it.
"Ne,Torakichi, you've been so calm these days. What's up? Did something happen?"
"...I'm always calm around that time of the year. On a beautiful fall day like today, my mother died."Torakichi obviously tries to sound as if he didn't care, but I can hear the pain in his voice.
While he wraps bandages around my wrist, I remain quiet, but when he's finished, I ask him, "Do you remember her well?"
"It's all I have left from her - my memory. Our house has been burnt."
" Oh no, really?!" I'm honestly shocked about this.
He lets out a humorless laugh. "It's fine.That's the way my village deals with the death of people - burning their belongings. And because I was a small kid at that time, I wasn't allowed to live in the house alone, so it was burnt. Be grateful that you have something to remember your family." He points at Dragon, who is laying next to me.
I shake my head gently and put a hand on Dragon's grip. Memories start floating into my mind and I'm unable to ignore them.

I was... 12 years old when it happened, I think. Maybe I was 13.
In any case, my dad was a woodcutter and my mom, well, she worked at the house - cooking, cleaning, and so on.
And... yeah! It was my 13th birthday. My dad had promised that I would get my own axe for my 13th birthday. I was looking forward to it so much because to me, being a woodcutter was perfect. It was my dream.
So, on my birthday, I got my axe and my dad promised to take me to the forest and let me help him.
He also said he would allow me to start an apprenticeship because he said, "I also started my apprenticeship when I was 13, so why shouldn't you?"
I'd never been this happy before.
"You're only allowed to do that and to keep your axe if you promise to be really careful and if you won't hurt yourself, though," my mother added, and in all my happiness and excitement, I replied, "Of course, mom! Dragon would never hurt me!"
"Dragon?" they asked and I must have blushed a lot when I nodded, "It's the axe's name!"

Two years later, my father sent me home from the forest earlier than himself. "You go home already, Ryuu. Your mother isn't feeling too well lately, and you're tired, right?"
I hesitated, but then I agreed.
When I came home, I told my mom that dad would come later.
We prepared dinner and then, we waited for him...
...and we waited...
...but he didn't come back.
That was the time when voices got loud outside and we left the house to see what was going on.
Three men were carrying something into the village and everyone gathered around them.
No, not something... someone.
My dad.
My mother collapsed, crying, screaming, and I ran to him to see if he was alive.
He didn't move. He didn't breathe. He didn't live anymore.
He was killed by a falling tree, as they told us.
I, too, collapsed crying and screaming like I never had before.

I unconsciously wipe away the tears that suddenly are running down my cheeks andTorakichi swallows hard. "Dragon isn't just 'something to remember them,'" I tell him quietly. "He's gone through everything with me. He's been my father's axe, too... He's my friend, my brother."
Torakichi nods and mumbles, "Fine. I won't laugh at you anymore. ...but this is our secret, okay?!"
He sounds so resolute and decisive in the end, and I can't help but chuckle a little.
"Fine by me!"

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Hakumyu—Hijikata Toshizou Hen: Review

Welcome to my Hijikata Hen review~ enjoy reading it!

·         Yay! Piroshi!Hiji is the first person on stage! And he sings his nice song~
·         It’s good to watch this one right after Reimeiroku, I think. Because Piroshi just has more of Hiji’s presence than Sasaki.
·         And all my hopes are being destroyed by Chizuru running on stage. LEAVE, IMMEDIATELY.
·         Oh my god, I missed this “original cast” feeling.
·         Junyaaaaaaaa and Shuutooooooo~
·         Okay. To be honest, there were about three of four (?) Chizurus that were better than this girl, I think.
·         I missed you, Yusukeeeeee~~~
·         Ah, there he is. Otori, I mean. As far as I know, Hijikata Hen really is the only performance that has him in it… besides the LIVE… but that’s no problem. He’s not useful after all.
·         Waaaiiit. Are they actually doing a timeskip here?
·         …They are. Whatever that’s good for.
·         I’m not used to Daisuke!Souji and MatsuRyo!Saitou anymore…
·         So, actually that’s a pretty nice greeting. Getting threatened by someone when meeting him for the very first time.
·         Sano and Shinpachi didn’t slap Heisuke here =/
·         Shin, Heisuke, just realize that everyone’s better than you. You would die without them, I guess.
·         But what did they play Jan-Ken-Pon for?
·         And what is Otori doing there…
·         I think I know what the timeskip was for! I think it was Hiji’s flashback!
·         Kento, please go and leave and send Maasa or Tonchan on stage. PLEASE.
·         This spinning stage is pretty cool!
·         “Ore wa Shiranui Kyo-sama da.” He’s just way too cool for this world.
·         This Amagiri is worse than Gomoto. And I don’t like his face. It’s the same actor as in Saitou Hen, right?
·         Once again, I missed your perfect and precious face, Piroshi.
·         The “go and leave” thing also goes for you, Otori. This world doesn’t need you. Sorry.
·         I’m now mourning Hakumyu’s loss of those great actors, e.g. Mikata and Piroshi. As well as, of course, Junya and Shuups. The others are pretty okay, e.g. Aramaki and Hashimoto, and Tonchan too.
·         I think Souji just had his first tuberculosis attack? Wasn’t that originally at Ikedaya?
·         Awarena Mouja! I like this song~
·         Ah, it was this performance where they sent a substitute for Mikata on stage and had him sing backstage, right? I like this way of solving the “problem.”
·         And they didn’t show his face long enough to see that it’s not Mikata’s face, so only those who have seen the backstage can know it… it’s cool, though.
·         Beautiful Drunkards! Sanbaka imitating each other and Saitou being drunk! Could there be anything better? xD
·         Shinpachi carrying Heisuke, HAHAHA
·         Souji doesn’t want to talk, Hiji. Accept it.
·         Why is Kondou eavesdropping on them? Why does he hide behind Hiji? What is he even thinking?
·         And now he scared his beloved Toshi, oh my god. I’m laughing so hard because Toshi jumped up and almost screamed like a little kid! He’s so shocked that he doesn’t even have the power to tell Kondou that he needs to finish his talk with Souji!
·         Souji’s medley! That means, Saitou’s is to come soon… I just love this Souji medley… and I need subs for it… it’s so sad… ;A; but Daisuke’s dancing is so pretty!
·         Heisuke, Saitou, you can’t leave the Shinsengumi! ;_; What is their reason here anyways? Itou doesn’t exist in this musical. So why are they leaving? Who is Saitou gonna spy on?
·         Saitou’s medley! Just as beautiful as Souji’s!
·         If Amagiri has to exist, at least let Gomoto play him… But am I right if I assume that Gomoto played him after the LIVE?
·         As we’re talking about the LIVE, I hope that we’ll get one again soon. Four performances are over, or almost over, since the last LIVE, I think.
·         I don’t like Sannan when he’s creepy, but Mikata just… he’s… not cute, at least Sannan isn’t cute, but he has a really beautiful face. I just can’t dislike him, and in addition, he has a good way of playing Sannan.
·         When did Heisuke drink Ochimizu? I don’t think I just missed the scene… I think they didn’t mention it in this performance???
·         Awww a Chizuru x Toshi duet! Cute! (despite the actress… Piroshi kinda saves everything that I don’t like because of her.)
·         There’s Shuuto <3
·         Oh my god. Meaning To The Fight! I love this song so much! Yusuke dances so well again… and his voice… omg I’m dying!
·         I feel sorry for Sano, though. He fights so hard, just to be saved by the Fury Corps…
·         Give it up, Gen-san… I know you want to protect Chizuru, but you can’t even really fight.
·         I like this Chizuru/Kazama duet! The original version is even a little better than the one from the LIVE where Shiranui sings Chizuru’s part…
·         And the Kazama/Toshi duet! So good! Those two are so great!
·         All this chaos on stage, and I don’t even know where to look xD
·         I LOVE THIS SONG <3333
·         I just thought that Yusuke and whoever plays Amagiri here must be really good at singing. They sing their part completely alone, standing far away from each other while the whole Shinsengumi, like 7 men or something around that, is singing the main melody, and the two of them keep their own part up… I adore them for this.
·         YAMAZAKIIII >___<
·         That’s the only thing I hate about Hakuouki and Hakumyu. That they let all the good characters die.
·         Oh, Amagiri is on Hijikata’s side again? He was like that in Saitou Hen, too. Wasn’t it that he has human blood in flowing in him?
·         A Chizuru solo again. She doesn’t deserve the attention she gets, at least not in my opinion…
·         Oh, it’s no solo. In the end, it’s a duet with Otori. Wonderful, two of the most useless characters singing together!
·         Okay, fine, I’ll stop harassing the two of them now. It’s just that I’m a little annoyed by them… ^^”
·         Poor Sano. Always has to calm down his senpai and best friend.
·         Awww Chizuru and Toshi’s promise! I like this cute scene ^-^
·         Amagiri actually explains all this to Chizuru and Kondou? I don’t understand him, and I don’t think I can like him before I understand him.
·         I don’t really understand Shiranui always either, but he has that kind of cool and protective aura around himself which makes me like him.
·         Toshi came to save them! And Kondou looks as if he was lying on a sofa and chilling in the background.
·         Ano Hi no Chikai! I love this song, but would anyone like to explain to me what their “promise of that day” is?
·         Did Chizuru just say that she loves everyone? Well, if I was living with the Shinsengumi as they are here, I would love everyone too.
·         Nooo, it’s the scene with Shin and Sano leaving the Shinsengumi ;_; it’s so sad, my heart is breaking every time I watch it anywhere. No matter in which musical of if it’s in the anime.
·         SANO’S HEADPAT, I love him for that. I want someone (actually it should be him) to pat my head like this, too. Every morning and evening, before I go to school and when I get home. It would cheer me up so much. But only if it was him.
·         Toshi’s bloodlust scene~
·         Imagining a man who drinks his girlfriend’s blood disturbs me a little tho.
·         Chizuru is messing it up again. What’s with that bossy attitude?
·         Wonderful, Toshi has been shot. But he’s a rasetsu now, so he gets up again… I hate this part of the storyline, though.
·         And he’s singing again. And Chizuru tells him something like she doesn’t want him to fight or whatever and I’m like “JUST LEAVE HIM BE AND LET HIM DO WHAT HE NEEDS TO DO, HE’S FIGHTING FOR YOU, STUPID GIRL.”
·         The best thing about the Souji & Toshi vs. Kazama fight is Shiranui, at first almost getting killed by Kazama, then looking really clueless and in the end sitting in the background and looking as if he watched an interesting TV show.
·         So they actually skipped all the good scenes with Souji, Heisuke, and probably Saitou too, drinking Ochimizu. That’s silly. These are all the best scenes.
·         I wonder what would happen if Souji had a bloodlust attack now? Would Chizuru let him drink her blood too, or would Toshi stop him from drinking her blood even if she wanted it?
·         Chizuruuu, they won’t stop fighting even if you ask them to. They won’t even stop if they killed you in the process because you threw yourself between their swords to stop them or something like this.
·         WAIT. Why the hell is Toshi fighting Saitou?!?!?!
·         And suddenly, they’re talking nicely. I’m sure if I understood this, I’d cry… or I’d almost cry… because it has a sad BGM, and it is a sad scene with two friends fighting each other… but it’s not the scene which breaks my heart the most.
·         Heisuke showed up again! And it sounds like Chizuru is more worried about him than about Toshi. Well. And that happens in Toshi’s Hen. You should just accept that you’re not loved by her, Toshi. Not here, not in the other Hens… her one true love is Heisuke.
·         HAHAHA she got kidnapped by a rasetsu. She deserves it. Heisuke doesn’t, but she does. Toshi’s faithless girlfriend.
·         Don’t believe what Sannan and Kodou tell you! Sannan is just lying to you (and to Kodou) because “in order to fool your enemy, you have to fool your friends first” and Kodou is just saying this because he believes Sannan’s lies!
·         Even more rasetsu keep appearing—and they’re attacking Kodou. Fine children he has there.
·         I know you did this for the Yukimura clan, Kodou… but I still hate you. You could’ve talked out things, or you could have found another, not so cruel way.
·         I think I just found a new favorite trio… Mikata, Junya and Piroshi are so in sync here!
·         NO. NO. I’M CRYING. I DON’T WANT THIS. I wish I knew what Toshi said to them after their minute of singing.
·         ;___;   >___<   ;A;   *cries out loud*   *sobs silently in her corner afterwards*
·         Otori tries a handshake again, and Toshi is not amused. (He’s not buying your shit, Otori…)
·         Yaaay, Mamoritaimono! A nice song! And because it’s the last one in the musical, and about ten minutes long, I know that the performance is almost over now…
·         So Otori was the one who sent Chizuru to Toshi. At least he understands two desperate lovers and tries to give them time together although there is war and one of them has to fight.
·         Oh, not ten minutes… only five, I think…
·         This end is so cute! Argh, I’m dying!!!! Toshi kissed her, and now he’s going back to fighting again!
·         Uh, I forgot about the Final Battle. I thought their kiss was the end… Well, I’m cheering for you, Toshi!
·         Kazama, where are your cornets? XD
·         Shougoooooo <3 I love his voice! That’s so epic!!!
·         And all his dead friends are back to support him! I ’ M  C R Y I N G
·         Everyone gets sakura petals for his death… even Kazama, although it’s always Toshi and his friends who are compared to cherry blossoms… S O  T O U C H I N G ;_;
·         Sooo Mamoritaimono was 10 minutes long after all. Because it includes the little part during Toshi vs. Kazama.
·         Will they kiss again now? *-*
·         … no, they didn’t. ;_;
·         I once thought that probably they do the Curtain Calls in an order of how important the characters are; the least important ones at first and in the end the main characters. So… Gen-san is the least important character here, huh? Right, he dies in the end of Act 1 or something…
·         OH MY GOD. Yusuke blowing his petals. HE’S SO GREAT.
·         So they stay in character even during the Curtain Call. How cute!
·         Tina was right… sometimes I can see their dark hair under the white rasetsu wigs too XD
·         And Souji and Saitou too! So adorable!
·         What I’m doing right now is a mix of crying and laughing because HELL THEY ARE SO CUTE and Sanbaka always make me laugh like hell and I just wish I could see them live…
·         THIS IS THE REASON WHY I ALWAYS WATCH THE CURTAIN CALL. Often it’s one of the best parts of the performance!
·         I think I’ll leave aside the talk sequence, though… because I don’t understand anything anyways. So, that’s it!
·         Ohhh, I have to mention this. So, Saitou is the first one to say something and he’s like, “Gou-Yon-San-Ni-Hajime—playing Saitou Hajime, I’m Matsuda Ryo!” Cute, isn’t it?! XD
·         HAHAHA Sannan was making gestures like “WHAT DO YOU WANT, do you have a problem?!” |DDD
·         Sooo apparently I also reviewed the end now too. Luckily the talk sequence wasn’t too long! I hope you enjoyed reading this! ^-^
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Hakumyu—Saitou Hajime Hen: Review

Here we go with my review for Saitou Hen!
It’s raining sakura petals!
Whoa… could it be that the video works today? Or are the strange colors gonna show up later?
“I lost ‘cause I’m bitter and hungry!”—“You’re bitter ‘cause you lost!” Those two are never gonna stop fighting, right? But I think that’s what I love them for ^-^
“Heisuke, lend me money. I’m gonna eat and sleep.” Oh. My. God. Shinpachi.
My favorite conversation! “Sorry, but this is only half strength!”—“Yeah? I’m at one-fourth!”—“Then I’m at one-eighth!”—“I’m at one-sixteenth!”—“Then I’m at two-sixteenths!”—“Two? Okay, then four-sixteenths!”—“Eight-sixteenths!”—“How about sixteen-sixteenths!”—“Heisuke, that’s one. In other words, full strength!” I guess Shinpachi and Heisuke should have attended a proper school so they at least have some Math knowledge…
Now they’re at 12,000… 12,000 what?! Those two are so stupid, I love them! XD
I think because Saitou Hen was the very first performance, they desperately tried to make it funny so the audience likes it… but I think Hakumyu is better the way it is now. Less jokes, but used with better timing, that’s what I think most of the fans like more than a play full of “desperate” jokes.
OMG Daisuke’s feet <3 have you ever paid attention to them when you’ve watched him dancing?
The video really seems to be fine today! Thanks God, no annoying problems with the player!
… What is Saitou’s problem with his left-handed stance? He’s not a bad samurai because of this.
I love this song so much! Actually, it’s the one that made me watch Hakumyu in the first place. For some reason, I looked for ‘hakumyu’ on Youtube and this was the first song I found. I liked it, but of course I understood nothing, so I tried to find out more—and so I decided to watch the anime while downloading all the musicals. That’s basically the story of myself getting into the Haku fandom…
This little talk between Souji and Saitou is so adorable~ “I think you haven’t changed.”—“Of course I have changed. I’ve grown one tenth of [… and so on …]” And then he goes on, comparing everything to tofu. (which reminds me, I can’t wait for Tina’s card to arrive~ XD)
AND then Toshi comes in and starts talking about this strange Ishida Powder. In one of the drama CDs I learned that Saitou uses it on every injury, but why does he believe it helps him? Is that just because Toshi sold it and Toshi is his precious Fukuchou?
At first he says Ishida Powder doesn’t work, and then he yells at Souji without any reason. What’s with you, Toshi? :D
“You’ve always been against it, huh?”—“Not against it.  I just hate it.” Isn’t that the same, Souji? XD
Holy shit, this Chizuru looks even more useless than all the other ones. And she actually seems to believe that she could hurt or even kill someone like Souji or Saitou.
Yaisa! \o/ The other versions are better, though… well, Hakumyu just improved since Saitou Hen.
OH MY GOD are they really dancing?! XD I’m so used to the Yaisa choreography being a fighting choreography that this dance looks so strange to me!
I just love Shuuto’s Shinpachi so damn much. He looks so wonderful. I think I’m a little bit in love? Maybe? A very little bit? Probably not. He’s just an actor who doesn’t even know that I exist and who I’ll probably only see on videos even in 4 years. But watching him feels different than watching all the others, though…
Here’s the fighting choreography! The current one is better, though. It fits the song better.
I love Asonde Bakka Janaize! Although it’s a little annoying how Gen-san wants to sing. He’s okay in the anime, but he’s annoying in the musicals… sorry, Gen-san…
… Would Yamazaki really ever say that he thinks Toshi is cool? And would Toshi ever thank him for it?
Stop singing this song, Kazama XD but maybe it’s a song that is popular with demons, and that’s why he knows it and why Kodou taught it to Chizuru?
Oh. That’s a dancing choreography in Hakumyu. How wonderful. But well, it’s Samurai Future, so…
Daisuke and Junya and Shuuto’s voices sound really cool together! \o/
Souji just had his first tuberculosis attack!
Oh, the oni ichizoku are making their appearance!
Yusuke’s voice definitely has gotten better. It just wasn’t that strong back then in 2012. But Shougo has always had the same amount of greatness.
How cute, Saitou really cares for Souji <3 and Toshi really cares for Heisuke <3
But where does Toshi know the oni ichizoku from?
Kinniku Love! \o/
Oh god… is Souji trying to show Toshi and Chizuru that he is fine, or why is he coming in, dancing and singing Yaisa? xD
Kawaranaimono! I love this song so much <3
That sounded like Saitou was worried that Chizuru would do something to the petal xD
Ah, it’s this scene where Gen-san introduces the oni ichizoku! It’s so hilarious xD
“Wait! Your spear?”—“I think I should use my bare hands, Gen-san.”—“Well said!” And then Shiri joins in xD I love it! I mean, this is one more scene where they’re completely out of character, but it’s just great!
On the other hand I think Gen-san’s imaginations are a bit too simple. Shiri won’t waste all of his bullets just because Sano and Shin are running around him and trying to confuse him… he won’t even let himself be confused and just kill them.
So please tell me, what is so wonderful about Yamazaki and his REALLY BAD mimic of Chizuru? He can’t even sing properly, and Gen-san just slaps him and tells him he was a genius… *facepalm*
“Know the word ‘kindness?’”—“Yes!”—“Apparently, he doesn’t.” So good XD
HEISUKEEEE >___< why does this scene always have to be so sad? ;_;
But it’s cute how much Toshi cares about Heisuke here. Really cute.
I wonder if they did it the same way here as they did in… Kazama Hen? Or Heisuke Hen?... with Sannan? That they’re sending a substitute for Junya on stage, I mean. This person’s moves are a little different from how Junya moves, so maybe…? AND HE’S WEARING DIFFERENT CLOTHES. So he’s a different person after all.
Sano and Shin really care about Heisuke too. They’re really good best friends <3
Shiri is so great. Chizuru tells them that she’ll stay with the Shinsengumi and he just lies down and whistles. Totally not interested at all.
Amagiri is kinda cool here, he always thinks Toshi was Kondou and keeps calling him Kondou-san.
Sano & Shin vs. Shiri is definitely the best fight here.
“You’re pretty good!—I give up.” And he actually holds out his sword to Amagiri. WHY THAT TOSHI
Ah, it was only a trick. A trick Toshi would never use, though.
…now he called him Katahiji? O.o at least the Toshizou was right.
He gave Ochimizu to Saitou…?
Don’t kill Gen-san, please… ;_;
They didn’t dye MatsuRyo’s eyebrows white. That’s actually the first thing I notice when he comes in as a rasetsu.
I still adore Shougo for his voice. It’s definitely a great voice.
I never realized that this little duet scene of Saitou’s bloodlust is so wonderful.
It seems like Souji finally realized now that he’s not able to keep up with the other Shinsengumi members…
And Kazama is walking away from Saitou and singing a song? o.O
Ah, it only was a dream. That’s good.
Sano’s being a big bro again. So cute. And his popular BroSano-headpat!
I don’t like Kodou. Make him disappear. Please. He destroys everything.
Okay, for once, Kodou’s bald head looks a little good.
Why is everything, every joke, in this performance about bald heads and topknots? >___<
Saitou really tends to run in and save Chizuru whenever she does something stupid, no matter if it’s willingly or not.
He’s better than you, Kodou’s rasetsu! Give up! And you don’t be so mean and cruel, Kodou! D|<
Kodou can’ t be that strong. If he was, he wouldn’t be running away from Sano and Shin now.
Saitou’s singing something wonderful and sad again… I’m crying… ;_;
Amagiri apparently is more reasonable than Kazama. I mean, he’s trying to make demons and humans live in peace.
“Humans will kill each other.” And demons won’t? Why are demons so perfect in your eyes, Kazama?
“Which side are you on, Amagiri?” And which side are you on, Shiri? Kazama’s or Amagiri’s? For your own sake, I hope you’re on Amagiri’s side. At least he seems to be thinking about if Kazama is still right.
The scene with Sano and Shinpachi leaving the troop is breaking my heart again… ;_;
I never really liked Chizuru that much—well, in the end, she was pretty okay—and this actress is one of my least favorite ones, but her duets with MatsuRyo are very beautiful!
Heisuke’s encouraging Souji! A nice friendship! And Heisuke is a very good friend too.
One of my favorite songs! Ikiro!
Oh, I should add it to my list of songs I have to play on the piano…
Now I understand why Toshi asks Gen-san and Yamazaki to look for Kondou in his place! He says that because they are dead, too… ;_;
I can see Saitou’s hair under his wig~
Nooo don’t part, Toshi, Saitou >___<
Chizuru loves Saitou more than you, Toshi. Accept it.
“Ah, you’re the one who goaded me into fighting at Toba-Fushimi, realized you couldn’t win, used dirty tactics and ultimately was countered by a gut punch, Hijikata Huh?-zou!” I kinda love Amagiri at this scene, when he tries to remember Toshi’s name. XD
May I introduce to you? Toshi changed his name to Hijikata Hizakozou! (at least according to Amagiri)
“I know! Toshizou! Toshizou, right?” Sadly I have to tell you that you’re a little late remembering that, Amagiri…
Why did you come back, you stupid girl?!
“I’m looking for a way to die bravely.” So you want to die before Ochimizu will kill you? I think that’s honorable… but… also kinda sad, isn’t it?
Saitou bloodlust again! And then he kisses Chizuru. A Chizuru who has lost consciousness.
Heisuke!!! <333
Sano and Shin, too! <333 They are so totally the best friends on this world, I want to have them in my life…
Kazama doesn’t have cornets here. So why does Kodou have cornets but not Kazama…???
Bushi toshite ikiru tame ni! The scene where Toshi and Sanbaka are fighting Kodou and Shiri is definitely the best one in the play! Besides the end when Saitou kills Kazama, because that just has the same level of epicness.
By now I exactly know what Toshi and Sano and the others are saying during that sequence. And I’m saying it together with them every time I watch it because… it’s epic.
Same goes for Kazama in the few seconds before his death.
And did I ever mention that they all have wonderful teeth?
WHY IS IT SNOWING isn’t it supposed to be fall or something… tell me why it is snowing!
“You can still be a samurai even if you don’t wield a sword. As long as you never betray your heart… even without a sword… no matter what rank you were born into… that person is a samurai!” Very epic life lessons by Saitou Hajime. So Sano isn’t the only one who earns his money by teaching Chizuru about life.
Why didn’t they do any of the cute things in this Curtain Call? >___<
Sanbaka are damn cute even if they don’t do anything, but to be honest, this is the most boring Curtain Call in the whole Hakumyu history. Sorry, but it’s true.
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Hakumyu: LIVE—Review

The third one for this evening, and it's the last one I've written so far! Have fun reading!
·         It starts with Chizuru telling us some facts about the time back then. Not that I’d understand anything.
·         The first ones to come in are Shinpachi and Sano! \o/ (nobody really needs Yamazaki, so I’ll just go ahead without mentioning him…)
·         Shin and Sano are fighting! But why did Sano go to Yamazaki to complain about Shin? xD
·         Now Heisuke fights and collapses and Sannan comes in and says something about the rasetsu and probably the problems they have…
·         Saitou vs. Kazama. Not that bad, you know.
·         PIROSHIIII <33
·         I wish Maasa had played in this one. Kento’s pretty good too, but Maasa just fits Sano a bit more perfectly.
·         Paint it Blood! I love this song <333 And Daisuke’s voice is so great. He’s such a perfect Souji.
·         I just love Piroshi’s voice.
·         And after the Opening Medley, it continues with Yaisa! Actually this is my favourite version of it because all the characters get an own solo part there.
·         Did anyone ever recognize that Sannan’s forehead protector thing is bigger than e.g. Heisuke’s?
·         My favourite part of Yaisa is still the one in which Kyo spins his gun around his hand in this nice way.
·         Ah. Would someone like to explain to me what “yaisa” means?
·         “Let’s drink a lot, Sano!” – Wait, Shinpachi, one of your precious Sanbaka members is still a child. You have to be a good influence for him.
·         Is Yamazaki actually eating something? xDDD
·         “You bastards! Since when have you been here?!” – “Since the very beginning.” – We know it, Kazama… I don’t mind Kyo being there, but you…
·         Yay, the triple Chizuru scene! \o/ It’s so cute how they’re all completely scared when the first Chizuru leaves and then the second comes in, and then the second leaves and the third comes in! <333
·         Even Souji is confused, but Kondou just acts as if this wasn’t strange to him at all…
·         Beautiful Drunkards!!! <333
·         Ohhh, now I understand this scene. The Sanbaka guys are imitating each other. xD
·         The best thing about this is how Sannan sings with them and looks completely serious though!
·         Chizuru’s part in this duet is pretty nice…
·         They’re coming in shirtless… it’s Kinniku Love time! \o/
·         No, Shinpachi and Heisuke’s manzai comes first! But that’s a very nice thing too, so I don’t mind. ^-^
·         Now that song was nice. I prefer the Kinniku Drunkards version from Heisuke Hen, though, since shirtless Maasa just looks sexier than Kento… (to be honest, I think that Maasa fits Sano more than Kento in general. Kento is really good, but Maasa is perfect.)
·         I wouldn’t have expected Yamazaki to participate in Asonde Bakka Janaize, though.
·         So Kondou wants to sing, too? And when he calls out for Souji, Souji just makes a “Fighting!” gesture and leaves! xD
·         Oh. Oh. Now it’s Kazama and Kyo’s hanetsuki |D
·         “I’m standing here, you know.” – That just matched the scene perfectly, Yusuke. I’m sure they did this whole scene completely ad-lib since they can’t tell where this little ball thingy is gonna fly.
·         OH YEAH THE LIVE IS WITHOUT AMAGIRI!!! I’m kinda really really happy about this right now xD
·         I guess I don’t like Kazama as a character of the game and anime, but I really like Shougo and the way he plays Kazama, so you could say I hate the Kazama from the game and anime, but I like the musical Kazama.
·         This Oni no Matsuei song is veeery good. At least in my opinion. And Shougo and Yusuke’s voices sound very well together, too.
·         I guess Sannan sings about ochimizu now? I like his voice, but if his only topic to sing about is ochimizu, it gets boring.
·         What is Chizuru reading out there? O.O
·         Ah! It’s this game where one reads out the beginning of a poem and the other one has to find the right card with the other half of it!
·         It’s this stupid song about “who would have thought I actually have a brother?” or whatever way it is translated.
·         How many mics does our cute sparkly Suzuki-senpai hide in his cape? xD
·         Senpai’s voice sounded way gentler in Fuma no Koujiro, though. But such a cute and gentle voice probably doesn’t fit Kaoru, I guess.
·         This Otori guy talks something about a family and Chizuru and her brother and father just leave without a single comment.
·         How come I’ve seen all the performances now and the only one Otori appears in is this LIVE? Or am I remembering it wrong?
·         Why is Chizuru singing a duet with him anyways? Because they have similar thoughts about the war?
·         This looks like the Love Medley is the next song! \o/
·         Awww this is so cute. And Matsuda Ryo’s smile is so adorable.
·         To be honest, this is one of my favourite songs in the whole LIVE. It’s so… beautiful and calming and… all the actresses have nice dynamics with their male partners. <3
·         I especially like the part where Hiji tells her he is in love with her. I never liked love stories, but Hakuouki and Hakumyu made me like them—still, I only like them if it’s not ONLY about love. There has to be some other plot (like in Hakuouki, the wars) as well.
·         The kakizome scene! <333
·         Hiji: “I won’t write one.” – Audience: “Eeehhh?” – Hiji: “I said, forget it!” – Souji: “Eeehhh?!” – Oh my god, I laughed so hard at their expressions here! xD
·         “I thought I’d join your foolish game.” – “Nobody invited you, though.” xDDD
·         Kazama’s kakizome: “Chizuru.”
·         Souji’s kakizome: “Makoto.”
·         Sanbaka’s kakizome: “Ozoni.” (Hiji kicks them for writing it and they behave like it’s the wisest thing they’ve ever said, though xDDD)
·         Sannan’s kakizome: “De-rasetsu.” (I didn’t understand it at first, but he seems to mean that they have to find a cure for the ones who have drunken ochimizu soon.)
·         Yamazaki’s kakizome: “Finding my own colour.” (I actually feel a little sorry for him since he really has no own colour and he’ll probably never get one.)
·         Saitou’s kakizome: “Rabbit.” (It’s so cute how he explains that he “wasn’t able to show his real feelings to a certain someone” and he “now wants to make snow bunnies with that person.” And how Heisuke says that hearing this makes him kinda angry.)
·         Kondou’s kakizome: “Toshi and Souji will stop fighting.” (This one is really nice because he knows that he has no influence on that and they’ll continue fighting anyways, especially about things like Souji’s tuberculosis.)
·         And Souji nods as if the Souji mentioned on the paper was a completely different person than himself.
·         “You all—oh, we can’t do much with the ozoni—but you others, try your best to achieve your goals.” – I like this scene, too. It’s cute how the Sanbaka are so offended and disappointed.
·         Hijikata’s kakizome: “Chizuru & Toshizou” under a love umbrella. And he runs and jumps around Souji in order to get it back before it’s being read out to the audience.
·         Am I right if I think that Piroshi’s lines are also a bit ad-lib in this scene?
·         Nooo Souji you can’t destroy Hijikata-san’s kakizome Q.Q he put so much effort into it…
·         Kazama Medley! \o/
·         And some more of Yusuke’s sexy moves~~
·         That makes me think. Should I write a fic about them being a band or something?
·         Ahhh Shougo you look so good when you smile <333 it suits you and Kazama very well!
·         And Yusuke sings the Chizuru parts pretty well.
·         Does Suzuki-senpai keep the plectrum between his lips the whole time? O.O
·         The Kazama/Saitou duet part is still my favourite part in the whole Kazama Medley. They have so beautiful voices <333333
·         Aaand the Shinsengumi Medley begins! ^-^ *still loves this song, especially Ano Hi no Chikai*
·         There’s Junya with his wonderful, passionate way of singing… argh, I could talk about him and his passionate singing and acting for hours because well, he’s just a great actor and one of the best actors I’ve ever seen.
·         “Why did you abandon Kondou-san?!” – He had to, Souji! Kondou didn’t want him to stay! ;-;
·         *remembers her plan to play Ikiro on the piano when she hears it* But I’ve just finished Shukumei… Maybe I’ll try the Shinsengumi Medley? I just have to find good connections for the different parts, huh…
·         “Makoto no hata wo omoidase!” – I will! I always will! ;-;
·         Directly after it, The Final Battle Medley!
·         …Just now I understand why it’s called the “Final Battle Medley”… Why didn’t I know this earlier? It should be clear that it’s a medley of all the songs that have been sung in the ends of all the performances up until then.
·         They didn’t use any white rasetsu wigs in the LIVE, did they? Not for any of the Shinsengumi members nor did they have other rasetsu with white hair… not even Kodou’s rasetsu squad.
·         I still don’t like the way they dressed up Kodou’s actor. His clothes are okay, but his head… >____>
·         Hiji vs. Kazama now! Of course Hiji wins. The only final fight Kazama wins is the one in his own Hen and that hasn’t happened before the LIVE, so they’re only showing the fights he loses…
·         Shougo has such a nice voice and he can sing so high and it still sounds very good… <333
·         Piroshi and Shougo have a very good harmony between their characters, in my opinion. Their voices sound great together and their acting skills are very high, too.
·         Time for the curtain call! \o/
·         “I’ll kill everyone who doesn’t answer me~” – Only you could say that, Souji…
·         This Otori guy still doesn’t look as cute as he sounds.
·         Ah, I like Sannan’s call! “Ochimizu… Karada ni… Warushii. – Ochimizu, dame zettai!” – I guess it means something like “Ochimizu is bad for your body. – You mustn’t ever drink ochimizu!”
·         Sanbaka’s calls also sound nice, but I don’t understand them… ;-; only that the audience is supposed to shout “Yaisa!” after they’ve said their “hai!”
·         …And Hiji calls Kazama “Oni no Taichou-san”… not bad. ^-^
·         Now I feel like I want to take a photo together with the whole Hakumyu cast really badly. Not that I’d ever have a chance to do so.
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Hakumyu: Kazama Chikage Hen—Review

  • Yeah. Everything starts with Chizuru's voice telling some facts about the Edo period while Kazama is killing... who exactly is he killing? Ah, I remember... He's killing the Choushuu guys because he's allied with Satsuma and all that stuff.

  • After that, the Shinsengumi enter the stage with Yaisa. Well. Why is Souji's voice so deep? I don't remember Hirose Daisuke having such a deep voice...

  • Baka Trio singing \o/ guess who loves Junya's Heisuke and Shuto's Shinpachi and Maasa's Sano? ^.^

  • Saitou and Souji appear! (Along with super-annoying Chizuru, but I can kinda ignore that.

  • Aaand Hijikata-san!

  • You know my father?” - Everyone in the Shinsengumi knows your father and everyone holds such a grudge against him that it'd be the best if he was just killed by someone.

  • Now, it's time for Kyo! My darling! <3

  • Also, Gomoto Naoya's voice. Since when is it so deep???

  • The rasetsu make their appearance. And then, Kodou... appears... in his demon form... I HATE HIM. No matter what he does, it's all his fault.

  • Heisuke-kuuun!!! *-* Haha, that scene when he wants to know if Chizuru is really a girl is cuuute ^.^

  • Since this is the 2nd time I'm watching this, I already know what will happen later, but nevertheless Hiji looks very drunk even if he's not drunk and just sits there.

  • Sano's overreacting tho xD poor Heisuke... always getting hit by everyone...

  • Did I ever mention that Sannan reminds me of Hakkai from Saiyuki?

  • I still wonder how this stupid girl can be so self-confident and think she could actually hurt Saitou. Someone make up her mind, please.

  • Patrols are canceled.” Heisuke looks so disappointed... </3 how could you cancel the patrols, Hiji??? You made him sad >_<

  • Surely that inn wouldn't fit dozens of men.” OF COURSE NOT, HIJI.

  • Don't die, Heisuke.” - “Same for you, Shinpatsu.” - Cute. … But why does he call him Shinpatsu...

  • Shiranuiii <3 he's so wonderful, acrobatic... I love him.

  • AND HIS SOLO. I LOVE HIS SOLO EVEN MORE. <3 Sano/Shiranui bromance forever.

  • It's so adorable how Heisuke tries to get Chizuru's attention. And his character descriptions, too! “Hijikata's frightening! Shinpatsu-san's a glutton! And Sano-san's a drunkard! Speaking of which... Hajime-kun! Uhm, so, tonight Hajime-kun is in charge of making dinner, right? And I thought I'd take a peek at what he was making. So he had dried tofu, cold tofu and tofu over rice. What the hell is tofu over rice?! What the—only Hajime-kun can eat that crap!”


  • Drunk Hijikata is still really good. Drunk Saitou isn't that bad either but the best is still drunk Baka Trio.

  • E.g. Sano's story: So Hijikata-san... that's right, Hijikata-san, so I was eating tofu. And so... When I got really full, he got really pissed. 'Sano!' he shouted. Right?—Wah, Heisuke's gone! Ah, only Hijikata-san's here. Oh no, how scary.” — Hiji: “I'm the one who's scared!” xDDDD

  • Now Sannan's drinking the Ochimizu. RUN, CHIZURU.

  • Even I wanted to fool around with everyone some more.” Nooooo Heisukeeeee T_T Saitooou ;-;

  • It's just a cold.” STOP THAT DAMN LYING SOUJI. You're helping nobody. ;-;

  • Seems like the sadder part of the play starts now???


  • Harada, right? I missed you.” - “Same here.” I love this bromance so much. They should just go and drink some sake together. Or you make him part of your baka team, Sano—although he's not that much of a baka...

  • I don't want anyone to die. Is it wrong for me to feel that way?” Yes, Chizuru, it is. Because you'll be the one to live although you can't do anything by yourself. Because they'll die protecting you and... ;-;

  • When someone dies, they survive. When someone lives, they go to die.” THIS IS SO SAD. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.

  • I want to become a sword so that I can be useful.” You can be useful without being a sword... just be yourself and live, Souji... T_T

  • Even though I keep hesitating, I'm afraid of dying. The only thing I can do is live. […] I regret it, but I have chosen... the path I will follow.” You're only making it more sad, Heisuke... just don't you dare dying... ;~;

  • Nooo Sano you won't drink Ochimizu. PUT THIS THING AWAY.

  • New facts about that time.

  • What are you saying, he has no cause to fight, Kazama? Hiji fights to protect his friends! He's way better than you!

  • Yamazaki, stop thiiiis... ;____; You're not strong enough to fight the Ochimizu... it's taking control over your body...


  • Where the hell are the real warriors these days?!” It's you, Hiji! It's the Shinsengumi! The Shinsengumi are real warriors! ;___;

---------------------------- Act 1, finished ----------------------------------------

  • Act 2 starts with dancing rasetsu? Not bad. Ah, the Shinsengumi are also there. Even better. In their western uniforms? Well... Let's say, that's okay.

  • Kazama in his real form. It gets better every time I see him, but I still can't like him. He just... looks kinda good.

  • Okay, the REALLY sad part starts with act 2, I guess.

  • This Chizuru solo is pretty nice! *thumbs up*

  • Ahhh, nobody of the commanders has died yet. Very well.

  • The really, really, REALLY sad part happens to begin now. It's the scene with Sano and Shinpachi leaving the Shinsengumi.

  • Sano and Kyo fighting together!!!

  • NO. My favourite sad scene starts. It's Never Say Goodbye Forever time. BUT. I. I DON'T WANT THIS TO HAPPEN. T___T

  • You suffering for my sake is hard to watch.” It's hard to watch you guys singing about all this sad stuff. I hate and love this scene so much at the same time... I'm crying when I even think about it.

  • Sano/Kyo bromance again. Usually I smile about them, but now I'm just crying because it's so touching... ;___;

  • Not Harada-san, too... It's too much!” For once, I completely agree with Chizuru.

  • Do you wish to say that while others may die the men of the Shinsengumi are special?” Maybe Chizuru doesn't but I DEFINITELY WANT TO SAY THAT.

  • You killed Sano?” HE DIDN'T. HE'D NEVER KILL HIM.

  • Shuto has a beautiful voice... and he sounds nice together with... sorry, Hiji's actor, I don't remember your name, but you sound very good together with Shuto! As well as Yuusuke and Maasa sound very nice together!

  • I keep replaying and rewatching this scene although it makes me cry so much because it's just so wonderful and the song sounds so great ;___;

  • I know that being there is like a dream for you, Heisuke, but don't talk like that... you're still alive, just as Chizuru sings...

  • Kodou, you and your stupid “kingdom of demons”... I really dislike you... if I don't even hate you...

  • Please, someone just kill Kodou... - Ah, there's Kazama. Maybe he can do something useful for only one time.

  • Thank you, Kazama. You fulfilled my wish and did something useful for once. That doesn't make me like you, just so you know...

  • A Kazama/Chizuru duet (probably more like an ensemble since Sannan and Heisuke sing with them)—and such a beautiful one again. And I still like that Chizuru's actress really cries in the beginning. Maybe she felt the same way I feel when watching this...


  • Souji drank Ochimizu, too... And he's angry at Hiji... And Saitou decided to remain in Aizu... Why... ;____;

  • I just recognized that I barely have tears left to cry after the Sano/Kyo stuff. How am I supposed to cry in the end???


  • Don't die needlessly.” Out of all your comrades, the person who needs to be told this least of all is Saitou...

  • Please don't die before I can heal and catch up to you! […] I won't let you past this point.” Souji protecting Hiji's back really shows his love for the Shinsengumi... <3


  • All these rasetsu commanders... this is too much for me ;-; why did they have to drink Ochimizu... ;___;

  • We only had just gotten started...” AND THEN HE DIES. I HATE THEM SO MUCH. >_____<


  • Well. I'm not really able to decide if I like Kazama or not. He sings great duets with Chizuru, but his character is just... I just can't like him. I don't hate him, but I definitely can't like him.

  • BUT KAZAMA SHE DOESN'T WANT TO LIVE “like a demon, as a demon, without associating with humans.”

  • Kyo appeared again. I still love him so much, but he's also way greater in combination with Sano. <3

  • I will live what remains of my life... Until the end... As a warrior of truth!” You could still stop this, Hiji. YOU COULD STILL STOP THIS. But... I also understand the reasons why you can't.

  • You don't look that great in your real demon form, Kazama... the blond hair suits you better.

  • If I betrayed our cause... I wouldn't be able to face those guys on the other side. I can't betray them, right? Because I'm shouldering our truth!” T______T

  • RIGHT. HIJIKATA TOSHIZOU IS A DEMON. Let's now refer to him with his full name, thinking of him as a great warrior who lived his life until the last moment.

  • I will live among the humans as a demon.” If it's you, Chizuru, I'm sure you can do it. ;-;

  • After crying for an eternity, it's time for the curtain call now and I have a few minutes to collect myself before commenting on the talk after that...

  • So for now, to collect a thought on the play itself, it's sharing rank 1 on my “list of the saddest plays I've ever seen” with Suemitsu Kenichi's TRUMP and his Lilium.

  • For the talk. Today's speaker is Miyazashi Shuto a.k.a. Nagakura Shinpachi! ^-^

  • Shuto first announces that he's played Shinpachi since the first Saitou Hen performance—and then, he makes a love confession for Suzuki Shougo! He's so cute!

  • Shuto walks over to Shougo and when they are talking, Junya comments it with “Kiss! Kiss! Will you kiss?”

  • Sadly they don't kiss. They just hug each other xD

  • Well, I wasn't expecting a love confession...” You got one from your fellow actor, Shougo, be happy about it! It means he really likes you and he's happy to have been able to play with you! <3

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Hakumyu: Todou Heisuke Hen—Review

I wrote this some time ago, and now I decided to share it here as well! Please enjoy reading it! ^-^

**It starts with Heisuke running in and talking about how many people there are. That’s just too cute, isn’t it??? <3
**Then, he runs onto stage. And he sings! Ah, I can’t help but scream here because I love Junya’s voice so much… (*silently cries in a corner* Why did you leave us, Junyaaaaaaaa…. ;-;)
**And he sings and dances so well! I don’t want to say anything against this Ozawa Ren guy—I’m sure he’s a good actor as well—but in comparison to Junya… I definitely prefer Junya!
**Now, he slices his sword back into his scabbard… and then, the flashback scene! I love it so much, it’s so adorable how he’s scared of Sannan! <3
**What was that, Sano? “If you lose, you’ll atone by cutting yourself open!”
**But the best about it is still Souji’s part. “If that’s the case, please leave the assisting to me!” And how adorably and hopefully he smiles! *~*
**You sing very nice, Shuto. Also one of the actors I’m missing very much because actually he’s such a perfect Shin.
**A flashback inside of the flashback!
**As now for the part I don’t understand since only the first two songs were subbed on YouTube. Heisuke talks to Sannan about… the days at the Shieikan? He mentioned the word “Shieikan,” so…
**Well, that one was funny. Saitou is about to leave, Heisuke calls out to him and he turns around and nods.
**Hashimoto Shouhei isn’t that bad, you know. But I just kinda like Matsuda Ryo more…
**As we’re talking about the “I like … more” thing. This Hijikata just looks strange; please take him away and give us Piroshi back… ;-;
**Time for Yaisa! I love this song, but I like the other versions a little more, to be honest.
**Souji just looked as if he wanted to kiss his sword.
**Once again, I realize that Maasa has the most perfect Sano face and voice I’ve ever seen.
**The new Chizuru makes her appearance! What was her name again? Fujikoso Yumi or something like that? …I still like Tomita Maho the most, though.
**This Sen looks nice, too. Just a little more, uh, mature? than in the game and anime, but that’s also the case with most of the Chizurus.
**Sannan and Heisuke’s beautiful duet part! *-*
**Omg. It’s oni time. *dies because Kashiwagi Yusuke is so sexy*
**Suzuki Shougo looks better in the other performances, though. His eye make-up is a bit dark here.
**What was that Todou “pay attention to me” Heisuke thing again? It’s happening right here.
**Sanbaka <33333
**I don’t understand what they’re saying, but now this is the scene with Shin and Heisuke recognizing that Chizuru is a woman. I’m still laughing so hard at them xD It’s so adorable how they are so upset about her being a woman <3
**Just to throw this in randomly, this review will probably be a collection of things like me screaming “How cute!!!!!” multiple times. I’m sorry for this because I think a review isn’t a place to cry about actors’ cuteness, am I right? xD
**The character I hate the most just appeared. SOMEONE KILL KODOU ALREADY, PLEASE.
**“You know my father?” – “Everyone in the Shinsengumi knows him, and we all hold a grudge against him.” – After everything he’s done to them, it’s only understandable, especially in the end.
**Aaahhh, they introduce themselves with Asonde Bakka Janaize. Nice song, though. And very, very cute.
**…It just doesn’t fit with Chizuru to dance with them, though, does it?
**What is Heisuke begging her for? O.O
**I just wondered. Will Chizuru dress up as a geiko in this performance? It’d be nice, wouldn’t it?
**“Todou-kun desu ka?” – Nooo, Sannan-san. Who else could it be? Who else in the Shinsengumi has nice long brown hair and the absolutely most adorable personality on this planet?
**One more thing to realize, please. Mikata Ryosuke is a pretty good Sannan.
**This light! It’s gonna be Moonlight of Wolf, isn’t it? ^-^
** “That’s what you call ‘going by the script!’” – “So Shinpatsu-san’s ‘going by the script’ means being totally outnumbered, huh?” – Do I remember this translation right? Anyways, does anyone know why Heisuke calls Shinpachi “Shinpatsu-san” or “Shinpattsuan” or however this is romanized?
**Should I try playing Moonlight of Wolf on the piano once? But I guess I’m gonna play Ashita/Asu he first.
**Oni no Chikara! \o/ I love this song!!!
**“Shiranui Kyo oresama no namae da.” – He’s here!!!!!! *celebrates*
**Just to warn you, some fangirling about Sano and Kyo//Maasa and Yusuke//is about to come now.
**As a beginning, Yusuke is as sexy as always. <3
**So is Maasa. <3 (haha, he’s the oldest actor I’ve ever liked/loved, though. I’ve read somewhere that he’s 30 right now??? That means he was at least 29 during this performance??? O.O)
**Kyo’s dance only has become better since Kazama Hen! So has their little fighting scene after the song! <3333
**Stupid girl, he’s a desperate stalker who always gets rejected by you and “these three men;” of course he knows your name…
**This dress Sen is wearing looks very… “comfortable”… especially when you want to walk in it. Exactly how long can you make your steps? 20 cm?
**The actress has a cute smile, but it looks like it’s hard to walk in her costume.
**What is unforgivable? O.o
**Oh! Heisuke again! And he seems pretty tired, the poor boy…
**The mailman scene! \o/ I wish we had such a nice mailman coming to deliver our mails, too.
**He got a letter from Shinpachi, and sadly I don’t understand a single thing word of it.
**This must be a pretty scary mailman, though. If Heisuke screams that much when he comes in a second time.
**The second letter is from Sano. And I think I mostly understood it this time: “Heisuke, how are you? I’ve been (not?? I don’t know if there was a “nai” or not, but on the other hand, why should Sano say he was NOT worried about his friend…) worried about you. (*doesn’t understand the last sentence. Something about Sano and Shinpachi…)”
**“Todou-san!” – “HAI!” – Poor boy, the scary mailman is  making his appearance again… but now I guess he’s more annoying than scary, huh?
**“Iikara, ikeyo!” – That wasn’t that nice, you know, Heisuke… But I guess that’s just how you are, and this mailman is only a very unimportant character anyways.
**This letter is from Hijikata-san! Something like “Heisuke, come here right now!” and about Sannan having turned into a rasetsu, I guess.
**…Kodou appearing out of a cloud of pink smoke while Heisuke fights a rasetsu is the thing that made me wish I could just skip this scene and wouldn’t have to watch it for this review.
**At least this rasetsu doesn’t have a beard like the one I saw in one of the other performances. Or maybe in this one when I spoilered myself by watching Sorezore no Michi.
**Okay, this rasetsu death scene wasn’t very realistic. The man just went off stage and someone else threw a doll’s head on stage…
**Ah, is this a flashback again? A flashback to the scene when Kodou told them about the ochimizu for the first time?
**To me it’s a bit strange that Heisuke is the only one who can’t cast away his feelings while killing a rasetsu. I mean, of course it’s hard for the others too (except Souji, maybe), but why are they able to hide it that well when Heisuke isn’t? Is it because he’s younger than everyone else?
**You’re in your rasetsu state already, Sannan. Please, take advantage of this and kill Kodou while you still have a chance to.
**…But of course, he doesn’t. He has to play his “to fool your enemies, you have to fool your friends first” thing.
**This song is so bad. But shirtless Maasa… pretty nice, and better than shirtless Kento *~*
**Nooo ;-; the cheerful squad has left the stage… and now there’s only this stupid Izawa Yuki or whatever his name was with this Yumi girl… This face just doesn’t match Hiji at all.
**Yamazaki is also there. It’s Shouta in this Hen, right?
**This beautiful background music… <3 ah, Chizuru’s been told that Heisuke and Saitou have drunk ochimizu, right? I’d have thought they’d show us Heisuke drinking ochimizu since it’s his Hen after all.
**Junya still has a beautiful voice. I didn’t like him at all when I first saw him in Gokaiger, but now he’s one of my most favorite cuties.
**Another Oni song! … or not, but at least they’re here.
**Yusuke’s “Hey, hey, hey!” still sounds so wonderful <3333
**I’ve watched the anime, I’ve played Kazama and Sano’s route as well as half of Heisuke and Hiji’s route from the android game, but I still don’t understand who Sen is that she has power over Kazama and his companions. Is she like the daughter of the highest demon king or something? Maybe she’s even Kazama’s sister??? (I guess that’s a worst-case-scenario, though…)
**Sen and Chizuru sound nice when they sing together.
**Ah! That scene before, it wasn’t the scene when Chizuru is told about Saitou and Heisuke having drunk ochimizu, but the scene about her being told about them leaving the Shinsengumi!
**“That’s the path we chose.” – It is. And I still want to know what this “ano hi no chikai” is. What did they promise on “that day?”
**Anyways, Shuto and Maasa sound very beautiful together. You don’t hear the 5 years age difference from their voices and you can’t really see them, too. <3333
**This Heisuke/Chizuru talking scene would be much cuter if I understood what’s going on. It’s cute, yeah, but I’d like to know what they’re talking about.
**Yamazaki again. He seems to like Chizuru as well???
**Heisuke gets another solo part! \o/ I love listening to Junya’s wonderful voice, so that’s perfectly fine with me.
**Oh, right. I know why Shin and Sano are fighting him. He’s their enemy right now. ;-;
**Kyo appears again! “Yo, ningen!”
**I understood something more! ^-^ “Why are you here?!” – “Why we’re here? It’s our job.”
**It feel like the Heisuke/ochimizu scene is approaching.
**What I’ve always wanted to say, and what I’ll probably say again during the 30 days challenge: Junya has the same way of putting his feelings passionately into something as Heisuke has.
**The theme from Asu he (or is it Ashita he?) comes again! \o/
**Don’t hit my poor Heisuke, Amagiri! D<
**Oh. Now the scene with ochimizu should happen. I mean, Shin just said “at this point, he’ll die!”
**I was right! But how did Ryosuke manage to hide that flacon in his sleeve in a way it didn’t fall out? O.o
**Okay. This was… beautiful. I couldn’t take my eyes of them fighting in slow-motion while singing the end of Kakugo wo Kimero because this song is so DAMN BEAUTIFUL.
**Junya and Yusuke also have a pretty good cooperation.
**But there is this disturbing fact that suddenly the whole Shinsengumi is threatening Heisuke… WHAT DID HE DO??? (except drinking ochimizu since Sannan did that too and he’s still as accepted by them as he was before drinking it)
**Sannan stabbed Hijikata… I don’t understand this anymore. Does anyone want to explain it to me?
**Another Heisuke/Chizuru talking scene. I’m sure he’s asking about how the Shinsengumi is doing without him since he had to join the Fury Corps.
**I remember there being a scene (I think it was in Kazama Hen) when Yamazaki drank ochimizu too. Will this happen now as well?
**Nope, Yamazaki just dies. But at least his death has a better style than the one of this strange rasetsu.
**Again, there’s Sen with her strange dress…
**Apparently, Heisuke now feels this bloodlust for the first time and, also for the first time, he loses his mind. Very “nice.” As long as he doesn’t try to kill Sannan or Chizuru.
**If I was in Chizuru’s place, I’d run away from him now. I mean, this poor boy just loses his mind and doesn’t even know his own name any longer…
**Doesn’t Ryosuke feel kinda hot in his dark long-sleeved costume which he isn’t allowed to take off? If you can even see the sweat on Junya’s arms, how must the ones like Ryosuke and Shouhei and this Izawa guy feel?
**Haha, Junya, your ponytail looks a bit messed up now…
**The brown hair suits him better, by the way. The white hair is pretty nice too, but the brown hair is better.
**Wait. They dyed Junya’s eyebrows… white??? xD
**Ah, a time skip to when they already have their western clothes.
**Wait. No. No. NO. Is this actually the scene with Sano and Shin leaving the Shinsengumi?
**No, it seems like it’s time for Give Me The Power first.
** “Where are you going?” – “Isn’t that clear? I’m going to Koufu.” – “With that body?” – “I can still fight.” – “If that’s true, I shall challenge you.” – This song shows all the effort the actors are putting into their performances and all their feelings and the feelings of the characters…
**It feels a little strange to hear a Saitou singing with such a high voice, though. I mean, Matsuda Ryo’s voice was a little deeper than Shouhei’s, wasn’t it?
**Oh. Heisuke’s friend the mailman accidentally got killed by a rasetsu. What a poor man.
**Another demons vs. humans fighting scene. I’m hoping for some Sano/Kyo bromance.
**That was a bad angle, camera. I clearly could see that Junya wasn’t stabbing the rasetsu actor.
**Why is Kazama so nice in this performance? He’s calling Heisuke “interesting.” The only one who said that to a human until now is Kyo.
**“Rasetsu no koe.” – What’s wrong with a rasetsu’s voice?
**Oh. And why did Sen just get up…?
**I see, they wanted to show once again that Japanese musicals don’t know what “logical” means.
**Eh, what’s wrong with Sen? Is Sannan controlling her? It looks like it… Why is she fighting now anyways?
**This is probably the worst scene in the whole play. I don’t want to see it. LEAVE. RIGHT NOW.
**Chizuru is practicing sword fighting, and she’s just. Not good at it.
**Okay, why is this review so much longer than the one for Kazama Hen? ;-;
**Who wanted to protect Aizu? That was Saitou, wasn’t it?
**Awww come on, I don’t want to see Kondou being beheaded. I don’t want the Shinsengumi to be sad. I want all the characters to live in my real life and I want to marry Sano, Kyo and Heisuke.
**Now if THIS isn’t a nice scene! Maasa!Sano running through the audience onto the stage, followed by a few rasetsu (or humans??) and joined by Yusuke!Kyo!
**I think he just asked Kyo to leave their rivalry until he has fought off all these soldiers??
** “Omoshiree na, sono otoko.” – I can understand that this means “this man is interesting,” but who is “this man?”
**A very nice duet version of Kyo’s theme. As nice as the one in Kazama Hen//Never Say Goodbye Forever. But Izawa!Hiji coming in and singing… >____< He has a nice voice, but his face just doesn’t fit Fukuchou.
**Is this Yumi girl actually a whole head shorter than this Izawa guy?
**So Heisuke asked Chizuru to stay back? But she doesn’t want to stay, as far as I understand.
**Only two more songs left. And about 20 minutes of the performance.
**Chizuru slapped Heisuke! O.O
**And now she tells him not to give up his life. It’s kinda cute how she always worries about everyone, even though that is the only thing she’s good at.
**Junya cries. <333 One more proof of how much of a passionate actor he is. It must be hard to cry on stage and continue acting, but he manages to continue anyways, and he assimilates his sobbing and crying with his role… and it just… matches perfectly. That’s just so sad, I want to hug him and never let him go. ;-;
**Once again, he repeats his theme from Asu he.
**And then. He just. Hugs and kisses Chizuru as if he’d never want to let her go and it’s just so DAMN CUTE.
**I think Kazama has some problems with his personality…
**If I got that right, there are three fractions: Kodou’s fraction who want to revive the Yukimura clan and uses the rasetsu for that purpose; Kazama’s fraction who just want to kill every single rasetsu; and the Shinsengumi who want to protect their friends and wishes.
**Sen still hasn’t gotten her senses back, it seems… How does Sannan manage to control a full-blood demon?!
**YOKATTA. The other two parts of the Sanbaka aren’t dead. <333
**And Maasa and Shuto get another nice duet!
**Oh. This song, Oretachi no Nakama, is a medley of the theme songs that appeared during the play, it seems.
**Before singing his part, Souji says that he wants to fight with everyone until the end… ;-; <333
**This woman must have practiced a lot in order to be able to move that smoothly like in a fight in her dress…
**Whoa. The sweat is running down Shougo’s face… It must have been very hot in the hall and very exhausting to play Kazama.
**So in Heisuke Hen, Sannan is the “real bad guy?” If Heisuke means he has to kill him…
**NO. NO, Sannan didn’t just kill Heisuke, did he?! This guy can’t die at the end of his own performance!!! >_____<
**He’s still alive! But he has been stabbed near the heart; that should be deadly even for a rasetsu… If he dies now, after killing Sannan… ;-;
**Sannan gets sakura petals for his death, too… <333 ;-;
**So… Sannan… killed himself… with Heisuke’s sword… his death doesn’t touch me as much as the others’ deaths, but it’s still very sad and I’m still crying because I started to like Sannan because of Hakumyu.
**Heisuke, are you asking Kazama if he can leave Chizuru alone right now?
**He wants to leave, but there’s still Sannan’s dead body in the background. How long are you gonna stay there motionless, Ryosuke?
**Yusuke blowing up flower petals during the curtain call <3 and he’s doing a backflip <3333 and then, Amagiri (was that Naoya in this performance?) also wants to do a backflip, but it’s Yamazaki’s turn then. wwww
**So Shuto and Maasa can be very cute even without Junya <333 (not that I hadn’t known this already)
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Warera Jeanne ~Shoujo Seisen Kageki~ Review

I read in the Hello!Project wikia that this play is also written by Suemitsu Kenichi, and so I thought, ‘Okay, let’s do this to myself and watch this play which is probably just as heartbreaking and sad and great at the same time as Lilium and TRUMP, which are also written by this mean and wonderful person.’ And now I’m writing this review… enjoy reading it!

·         Apparently Suemitsu displays his bonds to god and religion and history with this play even more than he did with Lilium since as far as I know, Jeanne d’Arc really existed, or at least, the legend about her really exists. That’s nice to know and it shows that Suemitsu is interested in European history… I just wish we’d have talked about her in history lessons, but sadly we didn’t. </3
·         Nooo don’t kill Jeanne ;_;  she’s not a witch… ;_;
·         But this song they sing altogether is pretty nice!
·         I’m on your side, Jeanne! You’re much more reasonable than those guys!
·         This pooooor girl ;_;
·         This Warera Jeanne song is also really good!
·         There’s Daikumai! \o/ (lol this nickname fits her really good)
·         Yes, keep believing in your dream, Belle Anglade!
·         I want to have a big sister like Olga. She’s so nice and protective and I’m sure she’s a wonderful best friend as well.
·         Oh, Jiji and Olga are cousins? I didn’t realize this the first time when I watched this!
·         Yurinaaaa—omg she’s really the tallest Japanese woman I’ve ever seen. But she’s beautiful and she has a very nice voice.
·         “The town of Dead People” is a stupid nickname for Metz. Someone besides Olga should recognize this and grab their own fate so they can change it.
·         Violet tries to promote her Jeanne d’Arc fan club |D
·         Maybe she is more or less right after all… I mean, Jiji kind of is Jeanne…
·         This guy who just stepped in is Pierre, right? He’s got a good voice and his little solo sounds very good.
·         “You are Jeanne d’Arc.” First of all, she is Jiji… and nobody else. Maybe she looks like Jeanne, but there’s nothing more than that…
·         “Death has come.” Death is inevitable, you know… it’ll always come, no matter what you do. And this so-called ‘God of Death’ Fleetwood is nothing more than a mere human—he won’t even bring himself to kill Jiji.
·         …This God of Death’s servants are called Harold and Rupert? O.o
·         Honestly, in my opinion all the scenes that contain appearances of Daikumai (and especially her singing) are the best ones.
·         Someone please give me this soundtrack… ;_; I need it so badly…
·         Anemone is a cute character, too. So careless and beautiful.
·         And Jiji really is similar to Jeanne. She also seems to be pretty loyal to God and her church and the priest and so on.
·         Wow. Jacques isn’t even able to follow Jiji properly. What a good man.
·         Ohhh this Jiji/Jeanne duet was nice~~~
·         Wait, wasn’t Jacques this big guy with the hat? Apparently this guy is Pierre, huh…
·         Fleetwood again. We all love him so much. Not.
·         The song about how Jiji has to become Jeanne is nice, too.
·         What the hell are you doing there Violet |D
·         But how are Jiji’s dead parents gonna help her in this situation?
·         It seems like I’m talking a lot about these beautiful songs, but that’s only because they really are beautiful! ^-^
·         Jeanne and Jiji’s voices sound so nice together~
·         This wonderful song about the stars in the sky <333 I love it so much~
·         I really like Daikumai’s voice in it too
·         Fleetwood is afraid of Jeanne? I didn’t know this!
·         Such a beautiful ensemble song!
·         Olga is probably my favorite character <3
·         But why does Violet want to become Jeanne so badly? XD
·         Jiji became Jeanne! And they’ll fight back Fleetwood! \o/
·         Those two girls who are always with the priest are funny :D
·         Apparently Olga is something like the second or third most important character in the play, huh? She’s really cool so she deserves it lol
·         This girl is a pretty good liar. I don’t remember her name, but I remember that she is Fleetwood’s daughter.
·         Ah! Her name is Marion!
·         Jeanne really wasn’t one of the d’Arc siblings? That really surprises me. But it also explains why Pierre loves/loved her and why he loves Jiji now.
·         I wonder if Jeanne loved Pierre too. And I wonder even more if Jiji loves him now. I mean, she barely knows him, even after half a year.
·         Well, apparently she does. She sings “I love you” after all.
·         GO AND DIE, MARION.
·         Jiji vs Marion, a Cold War. And I still dislike Marion.
·         “Stop torturing my father!” Then how about you make him stop torturing France?
·         This beautiful song “The Maiden” again… aww those feels <333
·         And it’s so touching how they all stand in for Jiji! So wonderful bonds!
·         The song about the Holy War is nice, too! In general, this one has a very beautiful soundtrack! (but okay, I guess the man who wrote its songs is the same man who wrote Lilium’s soundtracks, so they have to be as awesome as the play itself. Although Warera Jeanne isn’t completely as sad and destroying as Lilium, because the story is more “natural” and “logical”)
·         It’s so touching again how they all sing together and kind of convince Fleetwood that they are the ones who are right… ;A; kind of sad and touching, but as I said, not as intensive as Lilium…
·         Fleetwood… maybe you’re not completely bad at all. Maybe you’re just an old man who was too stupid to tell people about his own opinion.
·         It’s a good thing that the English troops are retreating now. And that everyone is still alive.
·         This end is so cute! And how Belle says that she has already decided on a title for her novel with the girls of Metz as main characters… “Warera Jeanne!”
·         …it’s over now. And it was really beautiful. <3
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Lilium Shoujo Junketsu Kageki—Review

Guess who finally has decided to do this also for Lilium? Right—me! Please enjoy reading this~ ^-^

·         It starts with (at least, I guess) Sylvatica telling us some facts about the vamps. And then they sing Forget Me Not \o/
·         And the first part of the actual plot is Lily running around and looking for Sylvatica, and then those two teacher girls (what were their names again??) come and laugh at her.
·         Oh right! The teachers are Silane and Lindou! And they definitely remind me of Gustav and Michelangelo. At least Silane with her whip is pretty similar to Gustav, isn’t she?
·         “Why is it always raining in this forest?” Because poor Sophs never stops crying (because of his best friend’s death), and raindrops are like tears, so…
·         Eli Eli Lema Sabachthani! \o/ I love this song! And I noticed that its structure is completely the same as Trump’s Hoshi no Wadachi. I mean it’s like they used very similar positions and everything for the parts where only two of them are on stage… but okay it’s Suemitsu’s play and so he probably wanted it to be similar so people could notice the similarities.
·         “The word Clan stands for family and blood ties.” That’s what they are trying to tell us, but considering what happened in exactly this castle about 3000 years or something ago, if you look at Ul’s life, where can we see “family” and “blood ties?” The same goes for Sophs (although they probably mean his “blood ties” with Allen here since he is Allen’s descendant) and most of the other guys. Their only “ties” are the bonds of friendship… and it’s got nothing to do with family and blood ties, am I right?
·         Cherry is so cute! I like her little fights with Camellia, too. And this just reminded me of how I’m even after watching this twice still not able to remember everyone’s names.
·         Cherry punches him! Oh, they are so adorable. <3
·         This Nasturtium girl (or whatever her name is) is pretty cool in my opinion. I don’t know why; I just like her. And I feel sorry for her because she kinda is the only reasonable person in the Clan.
·         “I feel like Sylvatica is around somewhere.”—“Sylvatica doesn’t exist! That’s just a random girl in the background!” But she’s played by Sylvatica’s actress and she wears the same dress, so… you could mistake them for each other.
·         False is exactly the right name for Sophs in this. He has a “false” name, a “false” identity, and he gives “false” medicine to the girls and the one and only boy…
·         Snow actually is a pretty wise girl, and she knows a lot for someone who should’ve forgotten everything.
·         And here we have the whole “I will protect you/make you happy” (“…and that’s why I’m biting you now”) thing again. Just like in Trump.
·         Lily and False are fighting! o.O
·         I don’t want to say that I really like Marguerite, but I like her guard. Mimosa is pretty cute and their song is funny ^-^
·         What a good princess she is. She can’t even remember her friends’…—her guards’ names.
·         It’s cute how Lindou hugs Silane and promises her that she won’t let anyone destroy “this Clan and our eternal Chrysalis.”
·         Doesn’t Lily feel stupid, running around and always calling for a girl that is already dead?
·         Oh, Sylvatica tells the story of the gardener and his flowers!
·         It’s somehow like they’re telling Sophie’s story. I mean, if you say Sophie is the gardener and the girls are his flowers…
·         “I’ll definitely find you!” What are you going to find, her corpse? o.O
·         Hitoribocchi no Snow! \o/ But you know, girls… she has her reasons to stay alone…
·         Oh! This girl isn’t Nasturtium! She’s Rose! Good thing the other girl said her name after their sumo match.
·         I totally don’t understand Marigold. Does anyone want to explain her to me?
·         That’s the same BGM like they used in TRUMP! \o/ Or at least mostly similar to it.
·         Could it be that Lilium actually tells much more about the legend of Trump that TRUMP itself?
·         Omg I love True Of Vamp!!! <333
·         “I’m good, aren’t I? I used to take lessons in the past.” JUST WHO TAUGHT YOU, SOPHIE O.Ô
·         After becoming immortal involuntarily, Sophie became a little obsessed with the whole “eternal friends” thing, didn’t he?
·         “This Clan exists for all of you.” I’m pretty sure he only rebuilt it so he can have some false eternal friends until he finds Krauss to wish for his death.
·         Please, someone explain Marigold to me… ;A;
·         “If ghosts exist, doesn’t that mean that there’s a continuation after death?” Not for you because you won’t die as long as Sophs is with you…
·         So most of them are getting parts of their memories back by now, right?
·         Marigold really is worse than Ul. I like her song, but it’s really… stupid… how obsessed she is with Lily.
·         She even bit Marguerite and her guard only because of this! And now she wants to kill Snow! D|
·         Oh, this chapter even is called “prelude to collapse.” That’s a pretty matching name.
·         Himitsu no Hana ga Hokorobu! I love this song!
·         Whoa! Silane shocked me with her shot!!
·         Your master isn’t Trump, Lindou… Your master is our poor Sophs who isn’t even able to make people immortal…
·         Sophs saved Snow!
·         And Sousou Shuukyoku Stigma has just the same level of greatness as Himitsu no Hana!
·         Lily uses Sophie’s Initiative… and Camellia finally remembers  what he wants in the girls’ dorm…
·         Sylvatica and Camellia’s duet is so beautiful!
·         So both of them Lily and Snow can use Sophie’s Initiative, right?
·         Even after she saw that Sophie is still alive after she killed him, Marigold still doesn’t believe in Trump? This girl isn’t only illogical but also stupid.
·         Why did Sophs his medicine name “Ul???” Ul wasn’t able to become immortal, so this has nothing to do with him…
·         Sophie tells them he doesn’t want mere puppets, but what more are girls without any memories who have lived for several hundreds of years because of him without being able to escape?
·         Sylvatica had the same attitude as Sophie did in the end of TRUMP… so why did Sophs change his mind? ;_;
·         Cherry and Camellia forgot about Lily… NOOO ;_;
·         I know that Sophie is lonely and desperate, but dragging poor girls who don’t know about this into his loneliness… this is just wrong, at least in my opinion!
·         Snoooowww ;____;
·         Marigold thinks there’s nobody left to make Lily sad… but Sophie is still there, and Lily being sad is his fault, so…
·         Now he killed Marigold as well… and all his creations will die in the end… he’s so pitiful, can’t he just go on searching Krauss?!
·         Trump’s theme song! And just like in TRUMP, it’s used when everyone dies! It’s such a sad but at the same time kind of… good…???... scenery.
·         Lily committed suicide as well! And different from TRUMP, in this one, Sophie is the only one surviving.
·         I feel so sorry for Sophie… and at the same time, I hate him for dragging the girls into his suffering. I liked him more in TRUMP.
·         Those two last songs, Eien no Mayuki no Owari and Shoujo Junketsu, are so beautiful… and sad… ;___;
·         It’s so mean that Lily is the only one who can’t die like the others! I mean, she isn’t as “perfectly immortal” as Krauss and Sophs, who are the only really immortal vampires, but she can’t die either…
·         Doesn’t it hurt to stab herself so many times one right after another? Even if she’s immortal now, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t feel pain, does it?
·         Shoujo Junketsu! \o/
·         This actress who plays Mimosa maybe doesn’t have the strongest voice, but she can dance really well and passionately. I wonder what her name is?
·         It’s over… the sadness is finished… and this review is waaay too short; sorry for that! v.v
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As I promised, here’s my review for Karasu~10! Enjoy reading it!
Further, if you’d like to read it, I wrote a fanfic about Karasu~ (http://kamitsuru-chan.livejournal.com/1241.html)

·         Ryuu!!! <333 And here in 10, he already has Dragon with him <33 and there are Micchi and Sho!
·         Just as a short note, I really like Ryuu’s hair here. Very beautiful. I wish I had hair like this, too.
·         Micchi and Sho are very cute here… Micchi has funny hair, too.
·         Senpaaaaiiii~~~ he looks cute in this peasant costume!
·         Okay, the character introductions. I really have to say, except for Otake, Torakichi and Ryuu, I really prefer the 04 cast. Ryuu is the only character who I love in both versions, and Torakichi and Otake just look better in 10.
·         Kenki also looks good in that costume, but (sorry Kenki, I love you so much) I kinda prefer Taito.
·         Yuya’s moves are about as good as Zukki’s… Zukki just looks better in my opinion. But both of them definitely have their qualities.
·         …Goro moves too much. It looks good, but from my point of view, Goro has to be someone who doesn’t move much. (yes I’m kinda Yanagi-biased here.)
·         Araki’s Torakichi looks kind of elegant! I like this.
·         Senpai and Micchiiiii <333
·         Ewww that was mean Tooru >____< how can you drink the rest of Micchi’s water and not leave a single drop for Souji?
·         But I love his voice. I love his beautiful voice so much.
·         Taichi’s enthusiasm is so cute to watch. Really.
·         I don’t like the Goro/Torakichi scene in 10. Can’t we have Yanagi!Goro and Araki!Torakichi in the same video? >___>
·         Ryuu~~~! Did he catch a cold or something?
·         Oh god. I can’t stand this cuteness. I’m dying. No matter if he’s played by Seto or Adachi, I love him so much.
·         I just realized how gorgeous Torakichi is here. In his beautiful purple kimono, with his beautiful long brown/black hair… *-*
·         They seem to be rather impressed by the Katanas.
·         I’m definitely missing Kuga’s backflip!
·         Yuya also freaked out about the bug! \o/ Not as much as Zukki, though…
·         I think Torakichi just told them that it’s okay to fight with their own weapons instead of the Karasugumi’s swords?
·         “Do you want to know?—I won’t tell you!” I don’t even know what this was about but it was kinda funny.
·         When Adachi talks as Dragon, his voice still sounds similar to his usual voice, just a little higher… but when Seto talks as Dragon, his voice doesn’t sound only deeper but also completely different.
·         The peasant brothers just aren’t good at fighting.
·         Here in 10, the Gakuheitai guys seem to be much meaner than in 04…
·         And it’s not Hosoya who comes to save Inui.
·         Torakichi first complains why nobody comes to fight him and then he runs away in fear? xD
·         Whoa. This was evil. Isn’t it unfair to pull out a gun during a swordfight?!
·         Torakichi definitely is cuter in this one. I want a mix of the 04 and the 10 cast with Zukki!Hosoya, Araki!Torakichi, Yanagi!Goro, Seto!Ryuu/Dragon, Yamada!Hotta, Masaya!Inui, Tomo!Taichi and Ryuki!Souji as well as Taito!Kuga and Shingo!Otake.
·         Ohhh the scene where Torakichi shoots down this bell thing! \o/
·         It falls onto Goro this time and he threatens Torakichi with an umbrella. What a funny guy with—still—to many movements.
·         I like this BGM of the Hosoya vs Inui fight.
·         Awww how cute! Did Adachi do all the checks and this little march/dance thing too? He didn’t, right?
·         Inui you meanie! Why are you drinking the water Ryuu wanted to give them? It’s just water, isn’t it?
·         I didn’t notice that Hosoya said this “A sword is a samurai’s life” to Otake before in 04! Or could it be he didn’t say it there at all?
·         What the hell is with this “I’m dying” mode when he is fine again only seconds later |D
·         Torakichi is more gentle here… ah, and I think I know why Hotta is getting involved in the thing with Ryuu and Torakichi’s mothers. I think it’s only because he wanted to have Ryuu’s money in the beginning.
·         This time, I saw the feet of the people sitting behind the trees ||D
·         Apparently Inui is in a really bad mood. Seto does the getting kicked by Inui scene better, btw. He actually jumps back a little so Inui’s kick looks more forceful.
·         I wonder why Hotta is still moving so fluently. He was just shot… or is he a demon who can heal himself in seconds?
·         It just makes no sense that Kenki walks off stage while everyone can see him when Kuga obviously is dead… if, like I heard, Shingo really can’t carry him, why doesn’t anyone else carry him?
·         TAICHIIIII ;_;
·         Souji and Hotta and Ryuu’s patrol! If we now had Yamada!Hotta and Ryuki!Souji, it would be perfect.
·         Senpaaaaiiii and Micchiiiii <3 and Souji scares them xD
·         I adore Tooru and Micchi for still looking so cute in all the dirt and with their messy hair. But I think that’s what D-Boys and D2 guys are good at—looking great in almost everything they wear.
·         And again I think to myself that the only reasons why I’m watching this are a) this review and b) Seto, Araki, Micchi and Tooru. Because for everyone else, I definitely prefer the 04 cast.
·         Ewww Taichi’s teeth are red >_____< oh. And he’s thanking everyone and saying he had fun.
·         What is Torakichi doing there, kicking air with his foot? And what is Sho-chan’s plan?
·         Ah, Sho-chan actually doesn’t seem to have a plan. He just scared Torakichi away and when Torakichi comes back, Sho-chan is the one running away in fear.
·         What’s up with Torakichi? And what does his long introduction mean, anyways? XD
·         I’m crying with you, Souji ;___;
·         I just noticed that this review kinda is much shorter than the one for 04… o.O
·         The trees are walking!
·         This was good. “I’m out of bullets. Ryuu. I’m counting on you.” And with that he just runs away. XDDDD
·         What’s with this “Dragon Kamaitachi?” XD
·         Souji is going mad D|
·         Oh, they’ve got a cannon now! … a stupid idea, though. And Torakichi is completely freaking out about it.
·         OMG THIS SCENE IS SO BAD |DDD especially Goro!
·         And Ryuu lets Dragon drink some of his sake xD
·         WHAT THE HELL?! Why is Souji as tall as Inui here? It might be that it’s the same in 04 and I just didn’t notice it, but in my opinion Souji has to be smaller than Inui…
·         It hurts so much to see Otake taking Dragon ;-;
·         I’m crying ;____; please make this sadness stop ;A; (on the other hand, I don’t want it to stop orz)
·         Am I the only one who thinks that Torakichi is scared—or at least has difficulties—with accepting his fate?
·         Goro just mentioned something like “after your brother died, you wanted to die too,” didn’t he?
·         It’s so sad how Torakichi desperately tries to crack a joke and everyone laughs although they’re so sad and desperate ;A;
·         Oh. I finally understand why Torakichi says this “Taichou, you’re so cool!” It’s because Hosoya picks a bug off his jacket without freaking out about it, isn’t it?
·         And once again it breaks my heart to see and hear how Ryuu imitates Dragon’s voice ;_; he’s so cute and shows off how much he loves Dragon even although he said before he didn’t need him anymore…
·         Otake just said that he envies Hosoya, right? I wonder why…
·         Awww it’s so cuuuteee how Torakichi and Ryuu hug each other and Souji joins them <333
·         I’m crying so badly right now. This is so touching ;A; I wish I had as good friends as they are!
·         Taichi comes back and everyone smiles at him and I CAN’T STOP CRYING, DAMMIT
·         But I wish I could understand what this voice in the end is saying about the Shinsengumi and the Satsuma and the Choushu. I really wish I could. Wouldn’t anyone like to translate it for me? XD
·         I’m actually clapping together with the audience right now because THEY DESERVE IT and I have no chance to see them live (yet) so at least I want to clap for their DVDs
·         And by the way, I’m planning to play the Karasugumi theme on the piano. Just if anyone is interested in hearing it.
·         OMG THIS REVIEW IS SHORTER THAN 3 PAGES, what’s wrong with me ;_; the other review was exactly 5 pages, and this is only half as much… T___T